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  1. hi hi!

    i just wanted to reach out and say i just registered for the mixer. i’m coming all the way from idaho…which is a little weird. but then i thought…would i rather go to a rad mixer or a giant blog conference? mixer…mixer is the answer.

    so…super excited to meet some new faces…and a little nervous. but it should be super fun, right?!

    aloha georgia!


    1. Hi Karli! Nice to "meet" you, can't wait to meet you in real life next month! Yes a mixer sounds a million times better than a giant blog conference. I would much rather sit around at dinner which a bunch of fantastic ladies and have life chats and get to know each other. Don't be nervous! It will definitely be fun! I went to my first blog event back in March and was so nervous too, but it is crazy how quick you click!


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