Monday, April 25, 2016

Social Media Detox

First I want to say thank you to every person that reached out to me after my last post. I promise I will be ok! I went to the doctor and we agreed I was suffering from mild depression. I started back on an antidepressant and have made sure to practice some extra self-care. 

As I told y'all before, I gave up all social media for Lent. I thought it would be incredibly difficult but after the first week I really didn't think much about it. By the end I was a little sad to no longer have an excuse to stay off social media.

Slowly social media is creeping back in and beginning to take over my time and attention again. I know I know, I could just be done with social media but in some ways it is the easiest way to stay connected. For example, I completely missed that a friend's mom died during the time I was off social media. It really does help keep people connected and in the loop.

With that being said, I realized I needed to change the way I was using social media. I thought I would share how I am keeping my social media usage in check.

1. Delete/unfollow/unfriend people and companies.
I want to keep up-to-date with my friends. But I don't care to keep up-to-date with that girl from 9th grade who made me feel like crap and somehow seeing her seemingly perfect life still makes me feel like crap. I want long-distance family members to see pictures of my daughter. I don't want want to see the thousands of memes posted from that random girl from sorority recruitment in college. Unfriend, unfollow, and delete. I worry about offending people, but I literally don't see/interact/share mutual friends with those people.

Also if you have that crazy second cousin, twice-removed who posts Trump propaganda that makes you want to stab your eyeballs out but you kind of have to stay friends with or face family drama, just simply unfollow them and they can still see your stuff, but none of their crazy shows up on your newsfeed. Win-win for everyone!

2. Delete social media forms you're just not into. 
I tried to get into snapchat. It seemed to be the cool/new/youth oriented social media app. But y'all, it was one more thing to update and check. I deleted it. I love you dear friends but I seriously can keep up with your lives through instagram and facebook.

3. No social media while Landry is awake. 
I had slowly gotten into the habit of checking my phone too much while Landry was awake. I would justify it by telling myself "She isn't even watching you, she won't notice!", but she notices. Toddlers notice everything. I don't want her to think that a virtual world is more important than the real one. So no more social media while she is awake.

4. Disable notifications.
You want to know half the time why I checked my social media? Because there was a little 1 on the icon on my phone, or a notification, or something that I just wanted to go away and then somehow I am looking at the whole last year of someone's instagram pictures. Social media sucks you in! Which is why I decided to disable all notifications. Now there is nothing drawing me in and I really am less likely to check it!

5. Move all social media apps from the front page of your phone. 
I use to have facebook, instagram, and twitter on my first page of my phone. It had become habit to click. But now they are in a folder together on the very last page. I have to put more thought into getting to them to check them. Usually I can stop myself before I mindlessly scroll through.

6. Share less.
This is probably the hardest step, but one I really needed to take. I had become accustomed to sharing every outing, every cute thing Landry did, and a nonstop wave of Landry pictures. But I really enjoyed those 6 weeks over lent were I just shared things with the people close to me. It was nice to  have stories to share in person with people because they didn't already read/see pictures of it online.

Do I have less pictures of Landry now? Absolutely. But do I feel like the ones I have a cherish a little more? Yes. And it is nice to have pictures that are just for us and not taken because the lightening was perfect and they were instagram worthy.

Do you have any tips of limiting your social media usage? 


  1. I admire you for having the willpower to go on a Social Media detox. I'm tempted to start one myself and you've just given me the inspiration to do it!! :)


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