Wednesday, April 6, 2016

20 Month Update

I missed the last two month's updates. Oops. But I'm back with Landry's 20 month update and trying not to lose it because 20 months is SOOO close to 2 and I can't have a 2 year old.


Sweet baby girl. You are growing up so fast! I tell people all the time I know one day I am going to look back and miss having a child this age. Don't get me wrong, we have our difficult moments (that have been increasing), but the good times are SO good. You are my little partner-in-crime and pal. It's me and you baby! We have such fun little adventures. You've been extra clingy this month but one day just having your mama hold you won't fix everything so I will try to enjoy it while I can! 

She is so capable! I feel like people always underestimate children this age and what they can really do so I try to remember Landry can do more than I realize.

She will throw her trash away and wipe up her spills.
She helps put the clothes in the dryer and part her dirty clothes in the hamper.
She knows just by the sound when the school bus is going by our house.
She can identify several shapes.
She can identify several colors. Purple is her favorite and she thinks anything purple is automatically hers.
Knows tons of animals and the sounds they make. One of her favorite car games is for me to name an animal and her do the noise. And then she will name animals and I have to make the noise.
Really is getting into songs. "Old MacDonald" is her favorite along with "Wheels on the Bus".

New Words
All of them, haha. She repeats most things if you ask her to and is picking up words left and right. When she hit 19 months her language completely exploded. It's mind-boggling all the things she is picking up on and the two and three word sentences that she is starting to put together. I definitely think having a friend her age has helped in encouraging her to use her words.

Her favorite three word sentence is "I got you!" It really seems to be her way of saying "I love you". She will run up and put her arm around your legs and say it. It is the sweetest.

Also funny story, she has a pair of fox socks that she wanted to wear one day. She kept calling them dogs so I told her that they were actually fox. Let's just say that her version of fox sounds a lot like another f word that shouldn't be repeated. Those socks are now referred to as dog socks.

Landry has also quit Daniel and I "Da-da" and "Ma-Ma". We are now Daddy and Mommy. Which is endearing but also slightly annoying when she says "Mommeeeeee" in a high-pitch voice while whining.

Landry playing "Night-Night" with Rin
Ugh! We're going through another rough spell with sleeping. Every time I feel like we get a good schedule and routine going Landry decides to switch everything up on me. We're back to our 5:30am wake ups which just makes me a terrible person. I have the worst attitude about it and get upset every day. I know, I know... I need to change my attitude because whatever I'm doing to try to change Landry is NOT working.

There is nights now where she gets less than 9 hours of sleep. There are nights were she takes over an hour to fall asleep. I've tried an earlier bedtime, a later bedtime. Nothing seems to work!

And naps have been crazy too. There was one day I spent over 2 hours trying to get her to go down for a nap. Some days she will nap for over 2 hours and other days only 30 minutes. I'm exhausted, she's exhausted, and it just isn't fun!

Oh she's also learned way to delay bedtime. Like telling me she needs to poop or potty after I've gotten her ready for bed or when I am laying her down for a nap. I take her to the bathroom to let her try and then she just wants to play. I don't want to ignore her when she tells me she wants to use the potty but I also don't want it to be a delay tactic.

Fingers crossed the last couple of days we have started getting back to our regular routine. Hopefully all of this was just part of an 18 month sleep regression and we are finally moving past it.

We have entered picky eating toddler world. I mean she still is less picky than a lot of kids, but she use to eat anything and now will just not eat sometimes.

Landry wants "sauce" with every meal now. I kept it healthier with using greek yogurt and marinara sauce some of the time, but sometimes she will just eat the sauce and not the food.

Girl could live off of clementines and blueberries if I would let her. She begs for both of them.

I discovered this last month she dislikes chocolate. A friend made chocolate muffins and Landry took a bite and threw it to the ground. We then went to a birthday party with chocolate cupcakes and she took a bite and wouldn't eat anymore. So obviously she is not my daughter, haha.

Potty Training
We haven't potty trained (we gave it a shot a couple of months ago and she wasn't ready). Landry is definitely showing interest now. She likes to sit on her potty and has peed in it a couple of times. She will also tell us before she poops sometimes which shows she is learning to listen to her body. She also asks to wash her hands after sitting on her potty which is adorable. Sometimes she asks for "panies" instead of a diaper.

We are being super laidback about it, but I know eventually I need to hunker down and stay home for a week and really focus on teaching her to use the potty. I just don't want to be confined to the house for that long.

Favorite Toys
I mentioned before one of our neighbors gave us a sandbox/toddler picnic table and swingset. Landry is loving both!
A purple rubber duck.
Her peg dolls.
Her baby doll/stuffed animals and bottles.
"Pockets" (aka purses/bags).
Spray bottles and a rag.

I promise we have real toys for this child but she is just in that imitation stage so whatever we have she wants to use and pretend with which is fine by me!

Landry is an assertive little girl but also pretty easy going. Big tantrums are usually reserved for just me at home. It seems her social butterfly ways are not going anywhere. Whenever we are places and there is new children come around she immediately flocks to them. But sometimes she will go and sit by herself when there are large groups and just read a book or play by herself.

I am always impressed by her ability to self-regulate when she is getting overwhelmed or just needs some space.

Parenting has been a little rough the last few weeks (primarily since the time change). I've been sleep-deprived and that has resulted in me being short with Landry (who is also sleep-deprived). I yelled for the first time out of frustration a few weeks ago and felt absolutely terrible about it.

I have really lacked patience with Landry and I've honestly have complained way too much about her behavior and I know she can sense when I tense which doesn't help. I am actively trying to work on positive reinforcement with her and trying to keep a positive attitude.

Landry is a pretty fearless little girl. She is the kid that will head dive off the top of a slide if I didn't stop her. And I have caught her more than once try to stick a headphone jack into the wall sockets (they are baby proofed unless I forgot to put the cover back after vacuuming). She loves being throw in the air, flipped around, and climbing.

But y'all, I have finally found her weakness... Ants! She hates them! She will see them outside and run to me saying "Ants, ants, ants". As far as I know she's never been bitten by one or anything and I haven't conveyed fear towards them so I'm not sure.

Things I Want to Remember
How Landry asks to go to church.
Landry playing catch with the dogs.
Landry asking to "side" and "sing" (slide and swing).
Landry asking for her best friend "Ar-fer" all the time.
Watching Landry love on little babies.
Landry asking for diapers on all of her toys.
Landry's first Easter Egg Hunt.
Landry going down the water slide at Great Wolf Lodge a million times.

Things I am Looking Forward To
Our longest time away from Landry. We are going to DC in April for 5 days for an early 5 year anniversary trip. I am slightly worried about leaving her that long (especially since she is super clingy to me right now), but overall I am counting down the days. This mama needs a little break!
We just booked our trip to Atlanta for May. We are taking Landry to her first Braves game (first and last in Turner Field) and we can't wait!
Landry learning to express herself more to help limit tantrums.


  1. She is so cute! Don't be sad about her turning two. It's such a fantastic age, it only gets better ...until they turn three. ;)

    Don't worry about potty training, either. Put it off as long as you can is my opinion! Lol. But seriously, if they are REALLY ready, it will be so easy. I mean I barely had to do ANYTHING to train Meredith. (Granted, daycare helped a lot!)


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