Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Strange Things that Make Me Feel Like an Adult

You would think owning a home, being married, having a child, and keeping said child alive would be enough for me to feel like a bonafide adult. But interestingly enough it is some of the small and rather obscure things that make me feel "adulty".

1. Wearing real pajamas
I was always an old tee shirt kind of girl when it came to pjs. Why invest money in something to sleep in? That is just silly! But over the last year I have slowly built up a little collections of pjs. Extra adult points for now owning a robe! 

2. Consistent bedtime
In college my bedtime could range anywhere from 9pm-4am or just skipping sleep. During the week I would average 4 hours of sleep and then like 12 on the weekends. Now I go to bed most nights around 9:30pm. 

3. Grocery shopping.
When I pull out my grocery list and start going through Aldi (don't they just have the best prices?) I automatically feel so adulty. I seriously feel like a child pushing one of the miniature carts pretending to be a grown up when I grocery shop. Bonus adult points for when the majority of my groceries are produce.

4. Keeping plants alive. 
I kill succulents. Those are suppose to be indestructible! Why can't plants let me know they are hungry like my child and dogs? But y'all... I have kept a house plant alive for over a year! And I have a container of spinach growing on my deck. I mean, the spinach has barely sprouted but I check on them regularly and even pulled them inside when we had a characteristically warm day.

5. Having a fire proof lockbox. 
I know I'm not a true adult because I didn't buy our lockbox for myself (it was a gift from one of my grandma's) but having it and using it makes me feel very responsible. It's nice to know our important document are stored safely. Also, we have important documents, do what?!

What things make you feel extra responsible and grown up?


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