Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Since Lent has started and I've been social media free I find myself taking less pictures for the purpose of thinking which will get the most likes. I now take more pictures of moments I will miss or things I am particularly proud of. It is nice to have fewer photos on my phone with more meaning. 

The picture above just melts my heart. Seeing Landry prance around in her fairy wings. So excited and carefree. I hope Landry always keeps that free spirit! 

I love the little hair standing up on Landry's head! She is finally getting enough hair that after sleep she gets bedhead. It is absolutely adorable! 

Landry and "La" (as she calls the Lorax). They are absolutely inseparable. 

Shooting hoops! We are digging the warmer weather over in these parts. 

Let me interrupt this Landry-centric post to share a picture of my first attempt at chicken pad thai! It turned it pretty dang good and I actually tried to work on my presentation skills! 

These two y'all! Landry and Arthur are absolutely adorable together! Landry seriously wakes up in the morning and asks for "Ar-fer" it is the best. 

Also here is an adorable video of Landry:

Eyes, Nose, Mouth from Brittany Deal on Vimeo.


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