Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Snapshots 3.14.14

She sat down and said "cheese" so I naturally had to take a picture! 

She's been a big fan of "reading" mommy's books. #ReadersAreLeaders

Waterslides for the win! 

I know things have been a little quieter around these parts but it has been really nice to disconnect from the Internet for a bit during Lent this year. I've really able to focus on the here and now and cultivating real relationships, not just online ones. I will probably finish out the Lenten season keeping things a little quieter and slower paced on he blog. But don't worry, after Easter everything should be back to semi-normal.

Who's loving this time-change? I know I am! I will gladly sacrifice an hour of sleep for longer evenings! One of our neighbors kindly offered us their swingset (this one) and sandbox/kid's table (this one) so I foresee lots and lots of backyard shenanigans for us! 

We've been spending tons of our times with Labdry's new bff Arthur and my new friend Heather. I am so thankful for their friendship! It has been nice to feel less isolated in this crazy mom world! 

Daniel's mom got free days passed (which is apparently unheard of) to the Great Wolf Lodge so we went their last week. Landry had a BLAST and went down the toddler slide approximately a million times. I was a little taken back by the price of the Great Wolf Lodge if you actually stay but after seeing how much Landry loved it I definitely see a future trip back in a few years. Also the attention to detail Great Wolf Lodge puts into the experience is very impressive! 

What have you been up to lately? 


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