Friday, March 4, 2016

'Round the Table

I've come to have a greater appreciation of the Lord's Supper the older I get. Growing up Baptist communion only occurred once a quarter. Communion was when I got the tasty grape juice, the not so tasty wafers, and of course the cool little cups (that sometimes I would turn into my monocle. I obviously held communion very sacred as a child). It has taken attending an Episcopal Church where the Holy Eucharist is the center piece of every worship service for me to really value communion.

Every week I look forward to the opportunity to kneel the Lord's table, surrounded by my family, strangers, and friends. To feast on the body and blood of Christ with my fellow man... it is transformative. I also like to think Jesus's decision to use a meal as the time to also share the new commandment to be very purposeful. In the gospel of John Jesus declares that "you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another." 

I like to think Jesus knew that gathering with your family, friends, heck even strangers, around the table is one of the greatest ways to show love. To share in the breaking of bread, the drinking of wine (or beer if you're me). Feeding those who are hungry, providing a shelter over someone's head, or maybe just being a safe place for someone to share their thoughts, dreams, and hopes. 

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to do just that. A friend of a friend who I barely know invited me along with several other young stay-at-home moms in the area over for dinner- a kid free dinner I might add. Now, I can't say for certain if she knew what a holy act she performing, but God was in those precious couple of hours at her house. Did we sit around and discuss theology? Was there a Bible study? Did we sang songs of praise? Absolutely not. But a bunch of young women in the trenches of motherhood, sat around a table dressed in sweats, jeans, and their prettiest dresses and had wine, bread, soup, and salad. A bunch of strangers got peeks into each other's pasts, glimpses into their futures, and even more importantly saw each other right where they were. 

I like to think this is what Jesus had in mind during the last supper. He didn't mean for "communion" to only take place on Sunday's under the leadership of the priest. He intended for everyone of us to open our homes to having communion right 'round our tables. He wants us to show our love for one another in one of the simplest ways possible, by feeding and being there for one another. And when we show our love to other's we are showing God's love. 


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