Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Winter Capsule Wardrobe

I have put off sharing my Winter Capsule Wardrobe because I have shied away from outfit posts the last several months. As the days have gotten shorter there really hasn't been the best time for me to get pictures of what I worn. Also I kept finding it increasingly difficult to write a full blog post about what I wore. If you follow me on instagram I have taken to sharing some of my daily outfits over there. I can easily tag the companies who make my clothes and I don't feel the need to write some long something another about what I am wearing.

Also in complete transperency, towards the end of my outfit posts I was showing outfits that I very rarely actually wore. The outfits really were not working for my stay-at-home mom lifestyle. With instagram I can just snap a picture with my iPhone on the way out the door.

With that being said I have found capsule wardrobes to be super beneficial to me and I really want to be able to show exactly what my wardrobe looks like as a stay-at-home mom. I have had numerous moms tell me they appreciate seeing how I make a capsule wardrobe work for me so I want to continue sharing. Maybe every few weeks or so I will do a round-up post of my outfit pictures from instagram or something.

I have really tried to focus on shopping with a purpose. However, my winter clothes budget was practically non-existent so a couple of items bought do not fit my standards. Also I really liked how Indiana included where the items were purchased/manufacturing conditions in order to be transparent with her thoughtful closet so I am going to be doing the same from here on out.

Anyway... on to the winter capsule wardrobe

Sleeveless Blouse | Eloquii via Poshmark (secondhand, fall of 2015, use code PQZZN on the app for free $10 to use *limited time)
Turtleneck | Old Navy (fall of 2013)
Chambray Shirt | Old Navy (this winter)
Plaid Shirt | Old Navy (fall of 2014) 
Color Block Shirt | Old Navy (fall of 2015) 
White Shirt | Corner Clothing via Zulily (made in the USA, summer of 2015)

Fonta Flora Tee | Fonta Flora Brewery (local, fall of 2015)
Hello Tee | Hello Apparel (made in the USA, Christmas 2014)
NC Tee | c/o Mountains and Valleys (made in the USA, fall 2015)
Mama Bear Sweatshirt | gift (small business, Christmas 2015)
Hello Sweatshirt | Hello Apparel (made in the USA, spring 2015) 

Cream Sweater | Old Navy via ThredUp (secondhand, fall 2015, free $20 to spend on 1st purchase)
Marled Sweater | Old Navy via Poshmark (secondhand, fall 2015)
Pull-Over Sweater | Old Navy (fall 2015)
Tan Boyfriend Cardigan | Target (fall 2013)
Fox Sweater | Old Navy (fall 2012)

Plaid Dress | Old Navy (fall 2014)
Midi Dress | Old Navy (this winter)
Black Dress | Corner Clothing via Zulily (made in the USA, summer 2015)
Black Skirt | Old Navy (summer 2014, similar on clearance for $4.97 right now!)
Plaid Skirt | Old Navy (summer 2015)
Maxi Skirt | Old Navy (winter 2011)

Herringbone Vest | Old Navy (winter 2014)
Denim Jacket | Old Navy via ThredUp (second hand, fall 2015)
Parka | Old Navy (winter 2013)
Utility Vest | Old Navy via Poshmark (second hand, summer 2015)
Black Harem Pants | Mondetta (socially responsible, fall 2015)
Jeans | Old Navy (fall 2014) 

Ankle Boots | Old Navy (fall 2015)
TOMS Classics | TOMS (give back model, Christmas 2014) 
D'orsay Flats | Franco Sarto (fall 2014)
Black Tennis Shoes | Converses via Shoe Dept (2010)
Bronze Tennis Shoes | New Balance via ThredUp (second hand, winter 2016)
High-Top Tennis Shoes | TOMS (give back model, Christmas 2015) 

So if you're keeping count that is 34 items total. I was actually surprised that this capsule ended up so small but I guess I really kept it to the bare minimum. In the winter I am really all about comfort so I really didn't feel the need to add a lot of extra things. Looking at my wardrobe (and after using it for a month already) I do wish I had a couple of nicer/cuter tops. There are definitely days I am just not wanting to rock a knit tee/button up/sweatshirt and I don't really have as many options.

Also I promise Old Navy doesn't sponsor my life I just in the past have gravitated towards them and over the years my favorite pieces really have lasted. I would like to get away from buying NEW things for Old Navy because they are more fast fashion. However, I love buying secondhand brands that I know fit me so I keep an eye out for Old Navy.

So there you have it! My capsule wardrobe for the winter!

Have you ever tried a Capsule Wardrobe? What are the pieces of clothing you could not live without? 


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