Friday, February 26, 2016

Take a Break

I interrupt your Friday afternoon to share this. Take a break. 

Are you overworked? Overscheduled? Are in you mom dealing with your millionth epic toddler meltdown (right here!)? 

Then take a break. 

We wish for vacations, relaxation, and to getaway. That isn't always possible. But you can take 5 minutes to yourself. Don't argue with me on this one, you can give yourself 5 utterly indulgent minutes. 

I sat my wild toddler down with a bowl of hummus and cucumbers and Daniel Tiger on tv to have 5 minutes to gorge myself on crackers with goat cheese. It felt completely out of the norm (compared to shoving rogue cheddar bunnies into my mouth) and luxurious. I sat in the kitchen by myself and slowly savored every bit. 

Did I feel like a new woman at the end of those 5 minutes? Well... no. But I felt a little more zen and ready to tackle the rest of the afternoon. Self-care doesn't have to be extravagant. It just means taking the tiniest amount of time for yourself. 

So take a break! 


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