Monday, February 1, 2016

Minimalist Challenge- Week 2 Recap

I'm a little behind on sharing how week two of the minimalist challenge went but better late than never, right?

Day 8: Learn to Enjoy Solitude
Done, been done since I was a child. Growing up an only child really helps in teaching you to enjoy your alone time. Even in my more extroverted past I cherished my alone time. This week was the perfect time to practice this skill too. Daniel was gone out of town for work for 4 days and 3 nights. I rarely get evenings in our house alone so it was really nice to have a few hours after putting Landry to bed that was just for me.

Day 9: Downsize Your Beauty Collection
Already done. Right after Christmas I had a freak out over all the stuff in our house and ended up doing a gigantic purge, like going through every room in the house and mercilessly giving away all the things or trashing stuff. I did go through some of my Birchbox samples that I knew I wouldn't ever use and send some to friends who I knew would use them or trash them.

I'm thinking in the next few weeks I might share my updated skin care routine (did y'all know my first skin care post was my most popular post ever?) and maybe share in another post my 2 minute makeup routine (I am all about fast and easy!). Let me know in the comments if you would be interested!

Day 10: No Email or Social Media Until Lunch
This day actually got switched with Day 12. I kept forgetting and checking my email first thing in the morning. Goes to show how ingrained it is for me to automatically check my email and social media first thing in the morning. I am determined to figure out a morning routine and make sure to leave those two things out!

Day 11: Evaluate Your Commitments
This really wasn't difficult for me. Since having Landry I have really tried to ensure that I don't over commit myself. I am really enjoying and embracing a slower season of my life. The only real commitments I have is volunteering on Thursdays and being an advisor to my sorority. I don't consider church a commitment. Landry isn't involved in activities yet besides the story time at the library but that is only 30 minutes of our week. I know this will be something I have to keep in mind as Landry gets older and becomes involved with more activities.

Day 12: Define Your Goals for the Year
This was challenging. I do monthly goals because I am all about short-term goals that I can check off sooner rather than later. I actually avoid overarching year long goals because it stresses me out and I feel like they are never big enough or they are too big to achieve.

I decided to keep my goals on the simpler side (meaning not that many of them).

  1. Monthly Dates with Daniel.
  2. Physical Activity 3 times a week. 
  3. Become involved with our church (meaning not just attending Sunday morning service). 
And that's my goals for the year. I have my monthly goals I share here on the blog (tomorrow I share my February goals!) but I really am not a big overarching goals person so these three really show what I want to focus on this year, my marriage, my physical health, and my community. 

Day 13: Clean Out Your Closet
I finally photographed my winter capsule wardrobe (I know I know over a month into the season). I will be sharing it later this week!

I also went through a few of my other season's capsules and got rid of a couple of things I knew I wouldn't wear again, or didn't fit right.

Day 14: Take a Step Towards Learning a New Skill
I wouldn't say I really completed this one. I thought about pulling out my guitar and trying to watch some youtube videos to finally learn how to play, but it never happened. I didn't want to just try something to check it off this list, so I am still searching for what skill/hobby/activity I would like to learn.

Anybody else participating in the challenge? Any insights on good hobbies that are not expensive? 


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