Tuesday, February 9, 2016


As a mom I frequently find myself trying to present this organized, picturesque version of our life. Let me hide the crazy, hide the mess in both the literal and figurative sense.

We had new friends come over for the Super Bowl. I cleaned and cleaned. I hid the "stuff", the mess behind things, under things. For goodness sakes I forced my husband to lint roll our entire couch in an effort to hide and contain the dog hair. Obviously if one dog hair was present this whole facade of a perfectly put together life would crumble. 

But here's the thing I am learning every day— there is beauty in the mess. The dog hair on every surface of our house shows the love we have for our pets, how they are accepted into every part of our life. The crayons marks on the wall do not show a neglectful mother (sometimes you have to go to the bathroom y'all!) but that creativity and freedom of expression is encouraged in this house. 

The tears I cry from lack of sleep and exhaustion are messy, but the fact that everyday I get up and push past it to be the best mom I can be (with the help of a ungodly amount of coffee) is beautiful. The arguments between Daniel and I are messy but the hugs that follow and the forgiveness is beautiful. 

Messy, difficult, crazy. They all have negative connotations. But without the  mess would we see the beauty as much? At least we wouldn't appreciate the beauty to the same degree. 

I won't be giving up on cleaning my house in a greater search and appreciation of beauty. But I will try to remember that life is messy and that's ok. It's more than ok, it's beautiful. 


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