Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Life Lately

As I said yesterday, I gave up social media for Lent. Full disclosure: I am still posting to my blog's Facebook page. But in order to avoid temptation I am using an outside app that posts to Facebook for me to avoid the temptation to start looking through other things. 

If I had been on social media this past week it probably would have looked a little something like this:

Numerous tweets about the New Hampshire Primary results.
"5am wake ups are for the birds #momlife #sleepchild"
"My diet has primarily consisted of coffee this week #coffeecoffeecoffee"
"Jeans shopping is hell on earth. #mombod #Ihatepants'
And lots of tweets about The X-files because the revival is everything I have ever wanted in life and I just want to be Dana Scully.

Happy Birthday to whoever's birthday is today.
Liking tons of people's statutes and pictures.
I would have definitely shared this post and said that it completely and totally explains the last several months of our marriage, even though we only have one child.
I would have complained about ice and how I am going stir-crazy in my house! Especially with Daniel gone right now!
All the pictures of Landry. Including these pictures from a fun excursion with friends to a children's museum:

Y'all should have seen these two angels at the coffeehouse across the street! They were so well behaved! We had other customers comment! 

Oh and I would have shared some of these pictures of Landry because I am just obsessed with my kid, ok?


A picture of coffee to drive home the point that I neglected to really drink anything last week but coffee.

A perfectly staged picture of Landry and I enjoy snacks together in bed. You know, right before the dogs decided to try to gobble everything up and Landry started screaming for another episode of "DAAAAAA" aka Daniel Tiger. But it looks nice and peaceful, right? 

Pictures of our fantastic hotel! Daniel surprised me with having his mom watch Landry while we spent a night in Charlotte just the two of us. Embassy Suites were very impressive along with free drinks! Highly recommend! 

Coffee and daily Lenten meditations are the starting point of my days around here. 


Endless selfies because snapchat is the perfect excuse to send your friends pictures of yourself. Also most pictures from the last few days would look like the one above along with the temperature included because it is too darn cold!

In all seriousness, being social media free has not been so bad! I deleted the apps from my phone and installed an extension on safari so I could block all my social media sites so I wouldn't mindlessly go to them (it is crazy how it is so ingrained in my brain to automatically check facebook and twitter as soon as I pull up my laptop.) And my close friends I keep in touch with through text.

But I want to know... what has your life been like lately? Let me know in the comments! 


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