Monday, February 15, 2016


Lent. I was raised Baptist and the liturgical calendar was not something followed. Heck I wouldn't have even known the phrase "liturgical calendar". Once I started college and was suddenly surrounded by Lutherans I decided to give up something for Lent. Not because I was Lutheran or even fully understood what lent was but instead because it seemed like a good excuse to give up some bad habits.

The first year I gave up meat in an effort to lose weight. Second year facebook (pre-iPhone days). Third year cussing (big failure). After failing miserably at not cussing and realizing I had not attended church in a couple of years I decided to no longer participate in giving up something for Lent. But here I sit now. I've been attending an Episcopalian Church for 5 months and I now understand Lent a little more and realize it is not just about breaking bad habits. It is a time in the church year between Ash Wednesday and Easter that is focused on repentance, self-denial, and drawing closer to God.

This year I decided to give up social media for Lent. The time I spend on social media slowly and slowly has increased and I have not been mindful of my time. My mind has become so cluttered with all the noise on social media and trying to update my instagram, facebook, twitter, and snapchat. So during these 6 weeks I am taking the time I was have been using for social media and focus on completing a daily devotion.

I also have decided to focus on consuming less during this time (including the consumption of social media) and creating more. Taking time to simply write, color, paint, crochet, sew, or bake. Additionally I really want to spend more time reading actual books and not just people's status updates or the thousandth article about something offensive Donald Trump said.

When Landry's looks back I want her to remember seeing me reading a book, trying a new recipe, or painting during my free-time. Not me sitting and scrolling through my newsfeed on my phone. I want what I spend my time on to be a reflection of not only my priorities but also God.

Do your participate in Lent? If so what are you giving up and taking up during this time? 


  1. I love this Brittany! I did social media one year, as I've been a Lutheran my entire life! I always found I escape deeper and deeper each year into my faith during Lent! I love it. This year I'm doing Carbs, so so so so hard but I wanted something to truly challenge me to depend on my faith and knowing it's not impossible haha! I use social media for my business and keeping in touch with closer family that live halfway across the world (which is why I have not given it up in a while-they'd be pretty mad if I did though! Haha) but I commend you. I agree, I've been trying to read more or cook more (as if I don't already), and honestly the boys see me do more homework than anything but I remember watching my parents when I was younger and I want the same for my boogers!!!

    1. Not being able to stay in touch with family as easily has definitely been challenging so far! I can't imagine giving up carbs! I live off rice haha. It is so good for your boys to see you doing homework though! They are seeing you better yourself and make education a priority!


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