Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February Goals

You know you didn't really focus on your monthly goals when it comes time to write your blog post about them and you really can't remember what they were (except for drink water). January went by surprisingly fast, especially given it is my LEAST favorite month of the year. It is the dead of winter, your coming down from your holiday high, and everything just seems to suck. But this year January wasn't too bad, but I am more than happy we are now in February cause February is one step closer to March which is practically spring.

January Goals:

1. Drink Water✓ Overall I did really well with this! Most days I got well over my 48 ozs goal in. My only downfall is weekends. Some reason on the weekends I just don't drink enough water, I think it's because my daily routine is disrupted with Daniel being home. I can tell a difference in how I feel when I don't drink enough water, headaches galore!

2. No TV during the day✖ Hahahaha... no. Not even close. I tried for like 1 day to read a book as my leisure activity and it was great. Then Pretty Little Liars came back on tv along with Dance Moms AND Netflix finally put the past season of The New Girl and the final season of Hart of Dixie. Feel free by the way to judge my tv show choices because I am somewhat judging myself after typing them out. No excuses, I love watching TV shows while Landry naps. I can prop my iPad up and watching whatever while putting away dishes, doing laundry, etc. This is a habit that I am just going to embrace, but in moderation.

3. Attend Mommy and Me Gymnastics✖ Big no. January somehow just got away from me. Plus there was snow and we managed to stay pretty busy. Maybe we will try this month, maybe we won't. I've heard mixed reviews about our local place so I am hesitant anyway.

4. Survive 4 days without Daniel✓ Yes we did! It went so much smoother than I thought. Poor Daniel was exhausted when he got home but managed pretty good. Landry didn't have any meltdowns and I had family come up so the time just flew by! Also I didn't really get scared being in the house by myself.

Onto February Goals:

1. Start a Morning Routine. One of my minimalist challenges was to start a morning routine. Well I didn't do it the day it challenged me to and I haven't tried since. I want a morning routine. I am such a happier person the mornings I get up before Landry. It is hard because Landry isn't always consistent with what time she wakes up (meaning lately we've been going through another 5am spell). But I determined to have a morning routine!

2. Take Landry to Kidsenses Children's Museum. Kidsenses is this great little children's museum about 40 minutes from our house. We get in free because we are members of our science center. Daniel and I took Landry one time this past summer right after she started walking. It was fun but I know she would love it even better now! Every time I think about going I make up some excuse or reason for us not to. Gas is so cheap right now and we get in free so I need to take her!

3. Go Swimming. I am trying to be more physically active and find ways to do so that I enjoy. I am not a gym person. I do not want to do the elliptical for 30 minutes. And honestly gym memberships aren't cheap. When I was younger I loved swimming so I want to go at least one time to our local aquatics center and swim laps to see how I enjoy it.

4. Schedule My Massage. This was a goal of mine back in November. Y'all Daniel got me this gift certificate way back early last spring. It expires in another couple of months. I NEED to schedule it. Or maybe my awesome husband would just go ahead, call, and schedule it for me (ARE YOU LISTENING DANIEL??).

5. Go on a Date with Daniel. I am bound and determined to have monthly date nights with Daniel, damn it! We constantly say to each other "let's really try to have date night once a month" and then it never happens because we both suck. Neither one of us takes the initiative and then I get all pouty and resentful and in my head refuse to do the planning because Daniel should "be the man" (I know what the crap is my problem) and plan a date night for us. So this month I will freaking plan it and have the date night I've been wanting!


  1. No TV during the day is so much harder with Netflix! And you go girl for surviving the 4 days! Rock it! Michael was gone the week we had the big snow storm 2 years ago and I loved it... most of the time. I love a when he has to work late or is away for a day or two. I watch what I want, spread out in the living room and do my nails. I've always loved a little alone time though. Girl! Get on that massage! You deserve it!!! And the date night thing, just plan it and enjoy it. It doesn't matter who plans it as long as you get to go out just the two of you and enjoy some alone time. Love your goals! Love your blog! Love you! :)

    1. I got my massage scheduled! A little relaxation here I come! Love you too! You're the best!


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