Thursday, February 4, 2016

Daily Wears

I haven't done an outfit post in forever! And honestly, I might be done with outfit posts in the traditional sense. I honestly just don't want to make it a priority to pull out my good camera and take several pictures of what I was wearing (or force Daniel to do it). I didn't really enjoy doing it.

I also scrutinized my body, my face, and my outfits extra when I did outfit photos. It also got to a point that I was putting together outfits that I would wear to simply take a picture.

Because I've had people reach out and say they enjoy seeing how I make my capsule wardrobe work in action and how I get dressed as I mom (and a bigger girl) I want to continue sharing my outfits, but in a different way. Instagram has been my jam! It's perfect for quickly and easily sharing what you are wearing. But I understand not everyone is on instagram so I thought every few weeks or so I would share round up of my instagram outfits.

Usually when we are headed out the door for the day I quickly hit the self-timer, balance my iPhone on my our trashcan, and snap away. My hair hasn't gotten crazy yet, if I'm wearing makeup I haven't seated it off yet and I always have a bag (or 5) in tow. It's real life y'all! It's what I wear as a stay-at-home mom running around with my 18 month old.


  1. I love all of these outfits (and the Landry photobomb!). The more authentic pics are more valuable to me - it's obvious that they actually work in real life!

    1. Thank you! I completely agree about more authentic pictures, particularly as a mom. I want to see what other moms are wearing while chasing around their kids!


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