Monday, February 22, 2016

Currently v. 1

making: Homemade bread. I've always wanted to try my hand at it. I used this recipe but next time I hope to go a healthier route with this whole wheat recipe.
cooking: Homemade chicken and noodle soup because Landry is sick and refusing to eat most things. drinking: Coffee... always! I just finished off this coffee that I got in my mistobox and I'm now working on my favorite from Dynamite Roasting Co.
wanting: All the boho dresses. I just bought this one and I hope it is as amazing as I'm hoping. looking: around every corner for Spring. I can tell it is almost here. Birds are chirping and days are getting longer.
learning: To show Daniel how much he means to me in little ways.
creating: Lots of personal essay style blog posts. I guess I have just been having all the feels as of late.
wishing: Landry would feel better. She is so pitiful and I miss my active, silly girl.
enjoying: My time away from social media to really focus on not only my little family, but also creating things!
liking: Breathe Right Nose Strips! Those things are saving our marriage.
loving: Making new friends that you immediately hit it off with and your children hitting it off too!
needing: A sunshine filled day. I need just a day that Landry and I can spend outside.
smelling: Peppermint essential oil and lavender. It is pretty much my cure all combination for any aches or pains.
listening: To Dixie Chicks Pandora station. It is fantastic!
noticing: How Landry is looking so grown up lately. Sometimes I look at her and all I see is a kid... not my round squishy little baby.
thinking: About Daniel and I's DC vacation in April. It can not get here fast enough!
reading: In Defense of Food. A little too much science for my liking but definitely helping change my perspective on food.
giggling: At Landry playing dress up. It is her new favorite game and mommy's clothes, shoes, and accessories are her favorite pieces!

Oh and for family (and some friends) who have asked... pictures of Landry! Haha


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