Thursday, January 28, 2016


Priorities... when I saw that identifying my top 3-5 priorities was on tap for the first week of the Minimalist Challenge I assumed that would be easy. But then I decided to actually sit down and ask myself some specific questions about my current life, the future, what I was happy with, and what I wasn't happy with. There were actually tears when doing this exercise, but mainly happy tears which so incredibly awesome! Never would I think I would get to a place in my life where I am crying happy tears that my life really is lining up with my priorities. That is not to say there isn't some things I am trying to work on and wanting to improve.

1. My well-being.
This includes my spiritual well-being, physical, emotional, and mental. Since having Landry I have really made purposeful decisions to keep my well-being a top priority. I have gone thrugh times in the past where I have neglected to take care of myself and there were huge ramifications from it. I refuse to have that happen again.

I am pleased that I have put my spiritual well-being back at the forefront after years of neglect. Right now I really need to work on my physical well-being. I have not been filling my body up with healthy foods and I have neglected keeping my body active. So I really hope to make specifically my physical well-being a top priority.

2. My family.
This includes Daniel, Landry, and extended family. It also includes my friends who are practically family. I want to make sure my marriage is strong, my relationship with my daughter is strong, and my extended family and friends know they are important and I am here for them.

I feel like I do really well overall spending quality time with Landry. I know that is something that will get harder the older she gets. I definitely need to work at being more intentional in my marriage. Since having Landry, Daniel and I have struggled somewhat to navigate this new version of our marriage. Add in Daniel's recent job promotion which takes more of his time and our marriage looks a lot like "roommates who love each other a whole lot" (quote stolen from a friend). I really want to make specifically my relationship with Daniel a focus this year.

3. Giving back.
3 years ago this probably wouldn't have been on my priority list. Or if it was my actions would not be reflecting it. I volunteered a TON in high school and college. But post-college I did not get involved in my community.

I know I feel better about my place in the world when I am giving back. Volunteering with our literacy council has been great for helping fulfill this desire. I also recently joined the Advisory Board for my alma mater's sorority. Not to sound corny but Sigma Kappa was something that really changed my life for the better and I want to help out with something that played such a pivotal role in my life.

Now that we have found a church I really hope that I can start being an active part of some of the ways they give back to our local community. Giving back not only helps others but it helps me really feel connected to my community.

4. Adventure
I call myself a homebody, but in reality I am not. I love going places, even just little day trips. Now that we have Landry I love the fun little adventures when can go on with her. Making most days of life an adventure is really important to me. I want to look back and see that I lived. So I am for checking out all the science centers, children's museums, and parks. I am for coffee house dates and finding the biggest puddles to jump in. I am for long weekend trips just Daniel and I to explore a new town or state. I always want adventure in my life.

In the winter it is especially hard for me to maintain that zeal for life and adventure. I am much more likely to just want to sit around. And then I get the blues. I have to try extra hard this time of year to push myself to do things.

What are your top priorities? Share in the comments, I would love to hear! 


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