Friday, January 22, 2016

Minimalist Challenge- Week One Recap

Note: Not any space in my house because I'm not THAT minimalist.
Day 1- No Internet
Why was this so hard? When I got up that morning I instinctivally reached for my cell phone to check emails, Facebook, Instagram, and look at my Timehop. Admitting that makes me want to hide because who am I that I became that addicted to my phone that first thing in the morning I need to check it? I ended up deleting all my social media apps for the day so I wouldn't accidentally check them. 

It still was hard though! I have a habit of googling anything I have a question about. So not doing that was a little difficult. However, it reminded not everything needs to be googled and that doing so does take time and focus away from Landry.

I think in order to better regulate my internet usage I am going to set times to check my social media instead of mindlessly doing it through out the day. Also another tip is the watch your battery. I want to make it to the end of the day with my phone still at 40%.

Day 2- Meditate 15 Minutes
I didn't really fully commit to this challenge. I laid down Saturday afternoon because I wasn't feeling great. I tried meditating while laying down and fell right to sleep. I definitely want to try again while sitting up and feeling better. I struggle with clearing my mind so this would be very beneficial for me. 

Day 3- Declutter Digital Life
I purge my house frequently. However, my digital life is overflowing. Bookmarks, open tabs, unncessary files stored all over the place. It took me a couple of hours but I managed to clean up my picture folders (and finally save photos from my phone to my external hard drive). I also went through my bookmarks and deleted unnecessary ones/read things I had been meaning to.

I also went through and unfollowed/unfriended people. I NEVER do that but it really needed to be done. A good way to limit my social media usage is to have less people that I am wanting to keep up with on social media.

Day 4- No Complaint Day
I would be lying if I didn't tell y'all I was slightly concerned about how challenging this day would be. I wouldn't say I'm a Negative Nancy, but I'm not all sunshine, rainbows, and daffodils. I guess the older I get the less I complain though because I really didn't struggle that much. Or maybe I just wasn't around anyone to complain too. Haha Either way it did make me more aware of not just verbalizing my complaints but also the complaining in my head.

Day 5- Identify 3-6 Top Priorities
Done. Stay tuned for a post next week that goes into details because I started writing my feelings about my priorities and it really turned into a post of it's own.

Day 6- Follow a Morning Ritual
I just flat out didn't do this one. This week Landry has developed a cough and has been having a pretty big coughing fit every night around 4am. She doesn't actually wake up but it wakes me up and I've struggled to get back to sleep. So I've been sleeping in every morning until Landry gets up to try to make up for that lost sleep. I am determined to start a morning ritual now that Landry actually sleeps till 6:30am-7am.

Day 7- Streamline Your Reading List
Luckily I had really done this when I decluttered my digital life on Day 3. I went through bookmarks and deleted things I knew I wouldn't read or reference again. 

Tell me your morning routines/rituals! I really want to find something that works for me. Also let me know in the comments if your participated in the first week! 


  1. I think if you're starting out with meditation 15 minutes is a REALLY long time! I've never done it but I think 5 would be a better place to start.

    As for morning rituals, it's so hard with kids who are unpredictable in the mornings. But even if mine are screaming I have my coffee first thing and making it with the French press is my no-fail ritual. Ideally I'd love to do a Bible study for 30 minutes and read for pleasure for 30 minutes while drinking my coffee, prior to the kids waking up. But that rarely happens anymore!

    1. That's a great suggestion! I will have to try a shorter period of meditation. I know I would benefit because I really struggle with quieting my mind.

      I really need to try to get my coffee in before Landry wakes up. I make it every morning in the chemex which is really nice but I never seem to get to drink it before Landry is up and at 'em and then it gets cold and I just gulp it down.


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