Monday, January 11, 2016

Landry 17 Month Update


This past month has been absolutely fantastic! You are so much fun and I am really getting the hang of this mom thing. We have hit our groove baby girl! We are in the swing of things and we are just meshing so well. You are starting to talk more and respond to things I say. I love having conversations with you! I know I say this a lot but this is really the best age! I know I will look back one day and miss this time because it feels so special right now.


16!! I think your two year old molars are starting to bother you though. You’ve been drooling a ton and wanting to chew on everything.

You are starting to stay in the nursery at church and becoming more comfortable with other people.
You ask to wash your hands.
You have more opinions (when you are ready for sleep, what you will wear, etc).
You say bye bye without being prompted.
You blow kisses.
You can climb up your slide by yourself.

New Words
At this point I can’t even keep up with all the words you saying! They are coming so much quicker. I get the best job of being your translator though. Some things are very clear but other things I am the only one who understands. I’m not complaining though, I love being the one who understands exactly what you are saying!

Landry has started putting two words together. Most of the time it is my _____. My Moo (one of our dogs), my baby, my shoes, etc.

On average Landry sleeps 11 hours at night (7:30pm-6:30am). After Christmas and our schedule being all wonky she started back with the 5am wakeups and wanted to pick up a second nap in the morning. Luckily, it seems the last couple of days we have gotten back on track with naps and night sleep.

We are officially booster seat only! Bye bye high chair! It is nice to have her at the actual table with us to eat.

Landry is still an adventuresome eater and will try anything. It really makes things easier for me because she just eats whatever we do. She does NOT like warm-hot food. She is like her dad is wanting cooler food.

Favorite Toys
Play Kitchen
Baby Doll
Arts Supplies (these paint cups, brushes, and this smock have been the best!)
Play-Doh (particularly this starter set)

She gets goofier and sillier every day! I love it! She was such a serious baby so I’m pleasantly surprised that she is super silly. She’s our little extrovert who just thrives when surrounded by people and all the attention is on her. She gets even goofier.

She also is so gentle and loving. It amazes me how kind she is to our dogs and how much love she shows them. Landry is great with babies too!

Don’t let her fool you though! She has definitely got a stubborn streak and loves to test boundaries and rules. But I don’t know what I would do with a complacent child so it’s ok!

This month parenting was pretty easy. Landry is learning what our expectations are and usually with gentle reminding will follow the rules. We really didn’t have any major tantrums this month or issues! Parenting didn’t seem nearly as difficult or tiring this last month. I know I will probably be eating these words next month but I will enjoy it while it lasts!

Things I Want to Remember
Sitting and reading books together for over an hour.
How we went to Staples and Landry found something she wanted (markers), found a cart, put the markers in it, and started to push it to the front. It was hilarious!!
Landry asking for her apron when I put mine on.
Painting and coloring together.
Her yelling “weeeee!” as she goes down her slide.
Sometimes when we are out and about she will just lay down on the ground and take a little break. Then get back up and keep going like nothing happened.
How she asks to hold Rin and Moo.

Things I am Looking Forward To
Surprisingly I don’t really have anything to add to this list. I am really enjoying Landry right now. I am not wanting to rush time along right now. We don’t have any big plans currently so I am just enjoying our day-to-day life and trying to survive winter, haha


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