Monday, January 4, 2016

January Goals

2016... WHAT? You know what 2016 means... I've been graduated from high school 9 years! 9 years y'all! I still feel like the 90's were only 10 years ago. Anyway, time to share my first monthly goals of the year! But first let's take a look back at December goals and how they went...

1. Go to our town Christmas Parade✓ I love our Christmas parade, especially because it is at night which makes it extra fun. Landry loved seeing the fire trucks and people watching and Daniel and I loved commentated the parade! 

2. Only eat out twice a weekIs there a half check or half x? We did better with our eating out and started the month strong. But then once holidays hit we were picking up fast food and eating it in the car while driving every which way. Hopefully now that everything has calmed down we can get back on track. I don't count this a complete fail.

3. See MIPSO in Concert✖  Didn't happen, but we did have a really great date night on that same night and that is really why I wanted to go to the concert, to do something just Daniel and I. Instead we got dressed up, went to a nice restaurant in town we hadn't been to, went and had dessert, and just meandered through some downtown stores. It was really enjoyable!

 4. Be Present✓ I really feel like I enjoyed this last month which is saying a lot for me at Christmas time. I really tried to focus on spending quality time with Landry. I also think I did well not stressing about the things that could happen at the family gatherings. And even when we had some less than stellar things happen with family, I feel like I took it in stride and didn't let it ruin the holidays.

January Goals:

1. Drink Water. The last month I swear I have been living off of coffee, hot tea, and Diet Coke. That is not good. I felt more sluggish (even with all the extra caffeine) and my body felt out of whack. Some days it would be 3pm and I would realize all I had drank was coffee. So more water! I have a 24 oz Starbucks tumbler and my goal is to drink two of them a day. I know that still isn't as much water as I should be drinking but baby steps!

2. No TV during the day. I have gotten really bad about during Landry's naps binge-watching crappy tv on Netflix. Like not even good stuff. I'm talking about binge watching way too many Food Network competition shows. Instead I would love to spend that time doing some yoga, reading a book, prepping for dinner, etc. Things that are more enjoyable doing when a little one isn't running around. The one exception will be on Friday's when I watch Grey's Anatomy from the night before because that is some good tv #ShondaRimesforever

3. Attend Mommy and Me Gymnastics. We are going to use some of Landry's money to try out for a month the local Mommy and Me Gymnastics class. Landry is a very physically active child (SO MUCH ENERGY) and with it getting colder outside I need something to help blow off some steam. Organized group activities with Landry makes me a little nervous but I think it would be good for the both of us!

4. Survive 4 days without Daniel. Daniel got a promotion (YAY!) and as a result he will be traveling to Mexico once a month for about 4 days. I am freaking out a little bit because I have NEVER stayed in our house by myself (we've lived here for 2.5 years). I've also never kept Landry overnight by myself. I know those both seem like crazy things but Daniel never goes anywhere without me! I go plenty of places on my own, but that isn't Daniel's thing. So it really will be an adjustment for me. I know we are so lucky it isn't more time he has to spend down there but I am still a little apprehensive.

What are your goals for January? 


  1. It's so hard to do yoga or read when Netflix/TV is right.there. (And right there with every season of Grey's, which I am currently watching for the first time!) So doing something else is a noble goal! I also need to drink more water, I feel like I live off caffeine too. And congrats on being present during the holidays! It's such a stressful time, especially once extended family gets involved!

    1. Aww enjoy Grey's! It is amazing! I am already losing at the no netflix... Netflix emailed me and told me the new season of New Girl was added!


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