Friday, January 8, 2016

Non-Goals 2016

How's everyone's first full week of the new year going? I hope 2016 is treating you well. As I said in my word of the year post I do not really do New Year Resolutions anymore. In the past they were always the same kind of things (lose weight! be more patient! make a cleaning schedule!) and I never seemed to stick with them and then felt like a failure.

So when I saw Erin over at Design for Mankind post about her annual non-goals I knew I needed to make my own. What are non-goals? Simply they are the things you will not be changing about yourself. Erin even goes as far as to describe them as things you, gulp, like about yourself!

My Non-Goals, the things I will embrace about myself. The things I will quit fighting about myself and instead accept. The things that I am slightly proud of.

  1. I am loud. I am one of those people that have been told more than once that I am "too much" and can only be handled in "small doses". In my student teaching interview in college, the only negative was a talked too loud. I tried to fight it. I tried to be more demure, quiet, and even-kill. But I'm not an never will be. I am slightly abrasive, loud, and easily excited. And you know what that means? I live with passion and conviction!
  2. I cutback my shopping. This past year I really focused on creating a more purposeful closet for myself and cutting back on excessive shopping. Anyone who knows me knows I love clothes so this is definitely something I am proud of. 
  3. I take care of my skin. When people compliment my skin I typically brush it off because compliments are hard to take, am I right? But you know what? I work hard to have good skin and I NEVER miss a night washing my face. I wear sunscreen every day. And I moisturize like it's my job. Keep up the good work self! Your hard work is paying off
  4. I am a fun mom. I plan activities for Landry and I. I have no problem letting her make messes, play in the dirt, and have a blast. I will neglect laundry in order to spend an hour reading all the board books. And I really do avoid using the tv as a babysitter. I let Landry help me cook and do chores even if they take twice as long because that is fun for her. 

What are your non-goals for this year? What are you doing a rockstar job at right now? 


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