Friday, January 29, 2016

One and Done... Or Maybe Not?

I only think about it every day, about adding to our family. I agonize over it. I tell myself if I am unsure that means we should not have more children, I tell myself if I am unsure that we should have more children. I see Landry gently rock my friend's baby in her carrier and my heart melts.

Am I doing her a disservice? One day when Daniel and I are gone will she silently curse us for not providing her with any siblings to stay connected to? What will I do in another year or two when she realizes other children have siblings, but she doesn't? When she asks can she have a baby brother or sister? Will she grow up spoiled and entitled because she received all of our attention? Will she grow up fearful of disappointing us because all of our hope and expectations were rested on her tiny little shoulders?

I think about myself. I imagine years from now, when I am old and gray. What if Landry wants to spend every holiday with her spouse's family? What if we have no one coming to visit us during the holidays? 

Sometimes, but only sometimes, I allow myself to picture a big house, filled to the brim with my grown up children (several of them) and their spouses and all my many grandchildren. I imagine the chaos and joy. I picture myself as the matriarch of our family looking at all these wonderful people that are here because of Daniel and I. I think of Family Stone and Diane Keaton in the movie and how I want to be her. 

I think about myself, my real self. Not some far off dreamy version of me who is older, wiser, and in much more control of her life. I think about how my 18 month old and how much of my energy she snaps. I think about the tantrums and whining. I think about how somedays I have nothing left to give anyone come her bedtime. I imagine adding a baby to the mix and my mind cannot even compute. 

I think Landry and I, our good days (which far out number the crazy). We are two peas in a pod. We have breakfast dates to the local coffee house. She's my little buddy and pal. Our sheningans and adventures would not be nearly has light-hearted and easy with a baby in tow. 

I think about another c-section, failing at breast-feeding again, the late nights, and the baby weight. Why would I want to go through all that again? I haven't even lost the baby weight from Landry yet! How would I ever get back to a size I am comfortable in if I have more children? 

I worry about money. Would we be able to afford another child? Would that mean no more vacations? No more dinners out? No extra activities or classes for the kids? What about the actual cost of giving birth? We are still paying medical bills from Landry being born. I don't want to have to constantly skimp. I don't want Landry to be up to her eyeballs in student loan debts because we couldn't help as much. 

I wish I had an answer, I wish that when I told everyone we are "one and done" that I believed it. I wish when I told Daniel the other day "I'm certain I only want one child" that the next day I didn't start suddenly wanting another baby. 

But if you me tomorrow if we are going to have more children I will tell you, "absolutely not"... 

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Priorities... when I saw that identifying my top 3-5 priorities was on tap for the first week of the Minimalist Challenge I assumed that would be easy. But then I decided to actually sit down and ask myself some specific questions about my current life, the future, what I was happy with, and what I wasn't happy with. There were actually tears when doing this exercise, but mainly happy tears which so incredibly awesome! Never would I think I would get to a place in my life where I am crying happy tears that my life really is lining up with my priorities. That is not to say there isn't some things I am trying to work on and wanting to improve.

1. My well-being.
This includes my spiritual well-being, physical, emotional, and mental. Since having Landry I have really made purposeful decisions to keep my well-being a top priority. I have gone thrugh times in the past where I have neglected to take care of myself and there were huge ramifications from it. I refuse to have that happen again.

I am pleased that I have put my spiritual well-being back at the forefront after years of neglect. Right now I really need to work on my physical well-being. I have not been filling my body up with healthy foods and I have neglected keeping my body active. So I really hope to make specifically my physical well-being a top priority.

2. My family.
This includes Daniel, Landry, and extended family. It also includes my friends who are practically family. I want to make sure my marriage is strong, my relationship with my daughter is strong, and my extended family and friends know they are important and I am here for them.

I feel like I do really well overall spending quality time with Landry. I know that is something that will get harder the older she gets. I definitely need to work at being more intentional in my marriage. Since having Landry, Daniel and I have struggled somewhat to navigate this new version of our marriage. Add in Daniel's recent job promotion which takes more of his time and our marriage looks a lot like "roommates who love each other a whole lot" (quote stolen from a friend). I really want to make specifically my relationship with Daniel a focus this year.

3. Giving back.
3 years ago this probably wouldn't have been on my priority list. Or if it was my actions would not be reflecting it. I volunteered a TON in high school and college. But post-college I did not get involved in my community.

I know I feel better about my place in the world when I am giving back. Volunteering with our literacy council has been great for helping fulfill this desire. I also recently joined the Advisory Board for my alma mater's sorority. Not to sound corny but Sigma Kappa was something that really changed my life for the better and I want to help out with something that played such a pivotal role in my life.

Now that we have found a church I really hope that I can start being an active part of some of the ways they give back to our local community. Giving back not only helps others but it helps me really feel connected to my community.

4. Adventure
I call myself a homebody, but in reality I am not. I love going places, even just little day trips. Now that we have Landry I love the fun little adventures when can go on with her. Making most days of life an adventure is really important to me. I want to look back and see that I lived. So I am for checking out all the science centers, children's museums, and parks. I am for coffee house dates and finding the biggest puddles to jump in. I am for long weekend trips just Daniel and I to explore a new town or state. I always want adventure in my life.

In the winter it is especially hard for me to maintain that zeal for life and adventure. I am much more likely to just want to sit around. And then I get the blues. I have to try extra hard this time of year to push myself to do things.

What are your top priorities? Share in the comments, I would love to hear! 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Minimalist Challenge- Week One Recap

Note: Not any space in my house because I'm not THAT minimalist.
Day 1- No Internet
Why was this so hard? When I got up that morning I instinctivally reached for my cell phone to check emails, Facebook, Instagram, and look at my Timehop. Admitting that makes me want to hide because who am I that I became that addicted to my phone that first thing in the morning I need to check it? I ended up deleting all my social media apps for the day so I wouldn't accidentally check them. 

It still was hard though! I have a habit of googling anything I have a question about. So not doing that was a little difficult. However, it reminded not everything needs to be googled and that doing so does take time and focus away from Landry.

I think in order to better regulate my internet usage I am going to set times to check my social media instead of mindlessly doing it through out the day. Also another tip is the watch your battery. I want to make it to the end of the day with my phone still at 40%.

Day 2- Meditate 15 Minutes
I didn't really fully commit to this challenge. I laid down Saturday afternoon because I wasn't feeling great. I tried meditating while laying down and fell right to sleep. I definitely want to try again while sitting up and feeling better. I struggle with clearing my mind so this would be very beneficial for me. 

Day 3- Declutter Digital Life
I purge my house frequently. However, my digital life is overflowing. Bookmarks, open tabs, unncessary files stored all over the place. It took me a couple of hours but I managed to clean up my picture folders (and finally save photos from my phone to my external hard drive). I also went through my bookmarks and deleted unnecessary ones/read things I had been meaning to.

I also went through and unfollowed/unfriended people. I NEVER do that but it really needed to be done. A good way to limit my social media usage is to have less people that I am wanting to keep up with on social media.

Day 4- No Complaint Day
I would be lying if I didn't tell y'all I was slightly concerned about how challenging this day would be. I wouldn't say I'm a Negative Nancy, but I'm not all sunshine, rainbows, and daffodils. I guess the older I get the less I complain though because I really didn't struggle that much. Or maybe I just wasn't around anyone to complain too. Haha Either way it did make me more aware of not just verbalizing my complaints but also the complaining in my head.

Day 5- Identify 3-6 Top Priorities
Done. Stay tuned for a post next week that goes into details because I started writing my feelings about my priorities and it really turned into a post of it's own.

Day 6- Follow a Morning Ritual
I just flat out didn't do this one. This week Landry has developed a cough and has been having a pretty big coughing fit every night around 4am. She doesn't actually wake up but it wakes me up and I've struggled to get back to sleep. So I've been sleeping in every morning until Landry gets up to try to make up for that lost sleep. I am determined to start a morning ritual now that Landry actually sleeps till 6:30am-7am.

Day 7- Streamline Your Reading List
Luckily I had really done this when I decluttered my digital life on Day 3. I went through bookmarks and deleted things I knew I wouldn't read or reference again. 

Tell me your morning routines/rituals! I really want to find something that works for me. Also let me know in the comments if your participated in the first week! 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Outside the Frame

When of Suzanne of The Glorious Mundane emailed me and asked if I would be interested in joining her , Lisa of The Mother Blog, and Jen of Our Grand Life in their new link-up "Outside the Frame" I didn't hesitate to say yes. One thing I love about blogging and social media is the community of can provide, especially for moms! "Outside the Frame" is a bi-weekly series through 2016 that gives writing prompts to moms. You can eve participate ion Instagram! It is great way to create a more authentic community and see what other moms are going through! You can learn more about it here.

This week's topic is simply introducing yourself. Isn't introducing yourself always the hardest? "Tell me about yourself..." Always makes me cringe because I never feel like I can give an accurate representation of myself or know what the other person is really wanting from me. 

I'm a stay at home mom to my 1.5 year old daughter. Been married for 4.5 years. Live in a small town in Western NC. That's usually the basics that people are looking for. And in the south you typically also get asked what church you go to. I go to the Episcopal church in town, by the way. 

I feel like I'm reciting lines when I introduce myself. I feel like I am reducing all of my quirks, eccentricies, and flaws to a very flat, neat version of myself. 

Did you know I really love politics? Like still fantasize sometimes about getting involved. I know it is taboo to discuss politics with people but I love a good political discussion. You have differing opinions than me? Wonderful, I would love to hear more and see where we can find common ground! 

I was raised by my grandparents. Most likely this would eventually come up in conversation. Please don't give me that look. The one of pity and wondering exactly why I was raised by them. I have long moved past my abandonment issues and the grieving of the perfect, nuclear family. I'm making up for it with the family we've created. No worries. 

I am a very sensitive person. Like the Myers-Briggs personality test I am also as much feeling as you can be. I feel all of my emotions, very strongly. Yes say an extra prayer for my husband. Add that I also feel everyone else's emotions extra and it can make for a moody Brittany. My sensitivity is one of my greater strengths and biggest burdens. 

Should I keep it a little lighter? Hobbies... yeah hobbies... that's a good neutral topic that still somehow gives me mild heart palpitations. I've dreamed of being a girl with hobbies. That would make me so much more fascinating and maybe up my non-existent cool factor. I tried my hand at guitar, but my hands were literally too small. I used to say reading and might still tell you that, but even with the piles of books I'm collecting I rarely make the time to get through them. Prior to mom life, I love kayaking but it is very difficult to find the time now in days. 

My honest response would be Netflix, consuming massive amounts of coffee, and blogging. But I probably won't tell you about any of those things except maybe the coffee. Because I will probably have coffee in my mind and it will be hard to hide the fact that coffee is my life sustaining substance (better than cocaine, right?). I won't tell you about Netflix because as a mom I should be filling my free time with more noble pursuits that rewatching the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt for the 3rd time. I won't tell you about my blog because then you might read it. I know counter-intuitive, right? I blog and people know it but I hate to talk about it. I hate people commenting on my writing. Blogging weird and I'm weird about it. So I won't tell you about it, even though I carry business with my blog information with me at all times. I'm contradictory and know it. 

Motherhood. I could spend forever discussing that side of me. But at the same time I couldn't. Everything I have to say about it feels so cliche and said before. "She makes me a better person", "It is harder and better than I could ever have dreamed of", "Times goes to quick". These are all true statements but who needs to say that again. I could tell you I've dreamed of being a mom since I was very young. I dreamed of having a daughter, I started a playlist for her when I was only 14. I could tell you that I've never wanted anything more than her. That after 2 miscarriages I appreciate every second with her a little more, but then feel guilty when I get frustrated or need a break because I wanted this and struggled to have it. 

I guess I could also tell you I'm a talker and maybe slightly long-winded. But I think you've probably already guessed that from this rather lengthy introduction. 

But instead of all this I will most likely simply tell you "Hi! I'm Brittany. I have an 1.5 year old daughter, Landry. Been married to my husband Daniel for 4.5 years. We live in Western NC. Nice to meet you!" 

Monday, January 18, 2016


I wrote a post a few weeks before the official start of winter (to me winter begins December 1st but whatever) about how I was going to embrace winter this year instead of trudge through it with despair. Fast forward 29 days into winter and that post was never published and I am sulking in the fact it is indeed winter. Despite my whining, praying, and fighting winter still arrived. Just as it does every year.

In my defense the beginning of winter really set me up for major heartbreak. 70º and wearing shorts on Christmas? Park trips sans jacket and wind-chapped cheeks? Yes, please! That was a winter I could get on board with! But my summer-winter was short lived and here I sit looking at the weather and a string of 40º days and I'm filled with dread.

I know I should be thankful. Thankful that I don't live in one of the many parts of the country that sees single digits regularly and snow blankets their towns for much of winter. Where the sun rarely shines and if it isn't snowing it is raining. But I still hate the version of winter we get every year, I'm ungrateful like that.

However, now seems to be the time to finally crawl out of my winter-hating lair and finally embrace this current season. This is a season of colder weather, less sunlight, and adjustments. This is a season for our family of adjusting not only to the frigid temperatures but also to Daniel's new position at work. It is longer days at work for Daniel, less balance between work and family, and some growing pains.

A friend of mine reminded me that "there is no bad weather, just inappropriate clothes". Maybe there is no bad weather and no bad seasons of our lives. There is just inappropriate clothes and responses. Instead of wallowing in misery I am going to bundle up in my biggest coat, throw on a hat, and jump in head first. Join me in making the most of whatever season of life you are currently going through!

Thursday, January 14, 2016


via Into Mind
If you had asked me 4 years ago if I would ever consider myself a minimalist I would have laughed. I was a maximalist. My sentimental heart wanted to hold on to every little thing that held a touch of a memory. Keeping the stuff would keep the memory, that moment in time frozen... right?

But here I sit, now more or less calling myself a minimalist. Daniel, Landry, and I are each regulated to one Rubbermaid container that houses our keepsakes. Buying clothes weekly is no longer the norm. I regularly gather up all the things from our house to be donated. 

Slowly I am learning that my happiness and my peace is not found in stuff. Don't get me wrong, you will still find purely decorative pieces in my house. I still own 5 pairs of TOMS classics which is probably a little unnecessary but they are my favorite shoes and I wear them religiously. I am not a bare minimum minimalist (redundant?). I am making minimalism work for me and my life and figuring out for our family. 

Also let it be known I am not preaching minimalism for the masses. I have found I am more at peace, more content, and more joyful when I have less stuff crowding my space. However, with the holidays in my rear view mirror I find myself thinking more about stuff. So much stuff was brought into our home because of our wonderful family who loves to show their love through gift-giving. I have found myself filling out my online shopping carts with things I "need". Yes, I leave the items just sitting there but I am cluttering up my mind. 

I want my mind to be more minimalistic. I want my mind free from the trappings of consumerism and acquiring goods. Instead I want to focus on being grateful for the here and now. I want to have time to think about writing, about what I've read, about my family, and about God. I want more time spent on the abstract and less on the concrete. I also want my time less consumed with social media and TV. 

So when I stumbled upon the 30 Day Minimalism Challenge on Into Mind I knew that is what I needed to do to help reset my mind and habits. I highly encourage you to join me in this journey. I will be starting tomorrow (why wait for a Monday or beginning of a month?).

Each Friday I will be doing a recap on the previous weeks tasks and how I did. There is no failing with this challenge. Just a chance to evaluate and be more mindful of the things taking up space in your life.

Will you be joining me in this challenge? Let me know in the comments if you are! 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

You're Doing Great... A Pep Talk

Stop whatever you are doing right now.

Close your eyes.
Take a deep breath through your nose.
Hold it for a 10 count.
1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10...
Slowly breathe out through your mouth.

Ok... No one is putting this stress on you. You are adding it to your life. No one is pressuring you or scolding you to do better. Take that pressure you are putting on yourself and set it aside.

Look at all you've accomplished and handled already. Anytime you feel yourself freaking out, anytime you feel your chest tighten... repeat this.

You are doing great.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Landry 17 Month Update


This past month has been absolutely fantastic! You are so much fun and I am really getting the hang of this mom thing. We have hit our groove baby girl! We are in the swing of things and we are just meshing so well. You are starting to talk more and respond to things I say. I love having conversations with you! I know I say this a lot but this is really the best age! I know I will look back one day and miss this time because it feels so special right now.


16!! I think your two year old molars are starting to bother you though. You’ve been drooling a ton and wanting to chew on everything.

You are starting to stay in the nursery at church and becoming more comfortable with other people.
You ask to wash your hands.
You have more opinions (when you are ready for sleep, what you will wear, etc).
You say bye bye without being prompted.
You blow kisses.
You can climb up your slide by yourself.

New Words
At this point I can’t even keep up with all the words you saying! They are coming so much quicker. I get the best job of being your translator though. Some things are very clear but other things I am the only one who understands. I’m not complaining though, I love being the one who understands exactly what you are saying!

Landry has started putting two words together. Most of the time it is my _____. My Moo (one of our dogs), my baby, my shoes, etc.

On average Landry sleeps 11 hours at night (7:30pm-6:30am). After Christmas and our schedule being all wonky she started back with the 5am wakeups and wanted to pick up a second nap in the morning. Luckily, it seems the last couple of days we have gotten back on track with naps and night sleep.

We are officially booster seat only! Bye bye high chair! It is nice to have her at the actual table with us to eat.

Landry is still an adventuresome eater and will try anything. It really makes things easier for me because she just eats whatever we do. She does NOT like warm-hot food. She is like her dad is wanting cooler food.

Favorite Toys
Play Kitchen
Baby Doll
Arts Supplies (these paint cups, brushes, and this smock have been the best!)
Play-Doh (particularly this starter set)

She gets goofier and sillier every day! I love it! She was such a serious baby so I’m pleasantly surprised that she is super silly. She’s our little extrovert who just thrives when surrounded by people and all the attention is on her. She gets even goofier.

She also is so gentle and loving. It amazes me how kind she is to our dogs and how much love she shows them. Landry is great with babies too!

Don’t let her fool you though! She has definitely got a stubborn streak and loves to test boundaries and rules. But I don’t know what I would do with a complacent child so it’s ok!

This month parenting was pretty easy. Landry is learning what our expectations are and usually with gentle reminding will follow the rules. We really didn’t have any major tantrums this month or issues! Parenting didn’t seem nearly as difficult or tiring this last month. I know I will probably be eating these words next month but I will enjoy it while it lasts!

Things I Want to Remember
Sitting and reading books together for over an hour.
How we went to Staples and Landry found something she wanted (markers), found a cart, put the markers in it, and started to push it to the front. It was hilarious!!
Landry asking for her apron when I put mine on.
Painting and coloring together.
Her yelling “weeeee!” as she goes down her slide.
Sometimes when we are out and about she will just lay down on the ground and take a little break. Then get back up and keep going like nothing happened.
How she asks to hold Rin and Moo.

Things I am Looking Forward To
Surprisingly I don’t really have anything to add to this list. I am really enjoying Landry right now. I am not wanting to rush time along right now. We don’t have any big plans currently so I am just enjoying our day-to-day life and trying to survive winter, haha

Friday, January 8, 2016

Non-Goals 2016

How's everyone's first full week of the new year going? I hope 2016 is treating you well. As I said in my word of the year post I do not really do New Year Resolutions anymore. In the past they were always the same kind of things (lose weight! be more patient! make a cleaning schedule!) and I never seemed to stick with them and then felt like a failure.

So when I saw Erin over at Design for Mankind post about her annual non-goals I knew I needed to make my own. What are non-goals? Simply they are the things you will not be changing about yourself. Erin even goes as far as to describe them as things you, gulp, like about yourself!

My Non-Goals, the things I will embrace about myself. The things I will quit fighting about myself and instead accept. The things that I am slightly proud of.

  1. I am loud. I am one of those people that have been told more than once that I am "too much" and can only be handled in "small doses". In my student teaching interview in college, the only negative was a talked too loud. I tried to fight it. I tried to be more demure, quiet, and even-kill. But I'm not an never will be. I am slightly abrasive, loud, and easily excited. And you know what that means? I live with passion and conviction!
  2. I cutback my shopping. This past year I really focused on creating a more purposeful closet for myself and cutting back on excessive shopping. Anyone who knows me knows I love clothes so this is definitely something I am proud of. 
  3. I take care of my skin. When people compliment my skin I typically brush it off because compliments are hard to take, am I right? But you know what? I work hard to have good skin and I NEVER miss a night washing my face. I wear sunscreen every day. And I moisturize like it's my job. Keep up the good work self! Your hard work is paying off
  4. I am a fun mom. I plan activities for Landry and I. I have no problem letting her make messes, play in the dirt, and have a blast. I will neglect laundry in order to spend an hour reading all the board books. And I really do avoid using the tv as a babysitter. I let Landry help me cook and do chores even if they take twice as long because that is fun for her. 

What are your non-goals for this year? What are you doing a rockstar job at right now? 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Miss me, but let me go...

I hadn't planned this. What I had planned was a quick trip across the state for a sleepover with my best friends. Last minute I was invited to my Nana's best friends house for dinner. Under normal circumstances I probably would have graciously declined. It would have been a two hour drive one way in the evening and we are already so busy traveling during the holidays. But it happened that I would be coming back through the area from my girl's weekend so I decided to go.

The weeks leading up to Christmas I was in a purging mode and I stumbled across the letter I wrote my Nana. I wrote it when she went into the hospital the last time. I could feel that our time together was limited and there was so many things I wanted to tell her but I knew I couldn't verbalize it, so instead I put the words to paper. I anticipated giving it to her the next morning, however, she had quickly deteriorated and was never coherent enough for me to give her the letter. I honestly didn't even remember keeping it. Once I found it I knew I had to do something with it. It was a weight on my shoulders of the words I never said. Of the regret I had. It was the words that I wish I could have said to Joan if I had known our time together was coming to a close.

On my way to the dinner from my girl's weekend I did something I hadn't done in 2.5 years, I went to the house I grew up in... Joan and Papa's house which I guess is just Papa's house now. 

It didn't start out with me consciously avoiding the house, but over time the idea of going back became harder and harder. Going back would me I would see first hand that time has not stood still. Joan is gone and the world kept going and me along with it. But it's hard when you don't return to the place you called home for the majority of your life, the place that holds some of your best and worst memories. 

I finally returned and went through some of my old things. And honestly it was nice. It was nice to be surrounded by my old stomping grounds and to see Joan every where I looked. It was healing. 

After I left Papa's I headed up 52. I made the decision to go to my Nana's grave before the dinner I was headed to. I do not visit graves... it is not my thing. But the last few months the idea of visiting her grave had kept popping into my mind. I didn't know what I would do when I got there or even the proper etiquette for visiting a grave since I have really avoided the practice. But I knew one thing... I was taking the letter and leaving it there. I needed it gone.

As I drove up those back country roads I listened to a CD I had made shortly after Joan passed. Filled with songs of mourning and grief. I screamed, cried, and cursed God. In a moment of being completely alone I finally let myself fully grieve the loss of my Nana and Joan.

Once I arrived at the grave I wandered around trying to remember the day we buried her and where her headstone would be located. After a little searching I finally found it. There was beautiful flowers and gorgeous poinsettias for the holidays. What really struck me was the words carved into her headstone "Miss Me But Let Me Go". The words hit me like a ton of bricks. I broke down crying. It was time to let go. To let go of the pain, anger, grief, and denial. I will never stop missing her or Joan. But it is time for me to let go the hope that things will ever be like they were. They won't. Time to let go of the anger because it doesn't change a thing.

I placed my letter beside the poinsettias and promised Nana, Joan, and myself that I would miss them forever, but I would no longer hold on to the hurt, anger, and pain. I would be glad for the times we had and for the everlasting impact they had on my life. As I headed back down those back country roads I listened one last time to the songs that have haunted me for the last couple of years and had a long ugly cry. I prayed for forgiveness and for healing, not just for myself but for all my family. 

Losing two of the most influential people in your life in the span of a little over two years really leaves you in a constant cycle of grief. Not a single holiday, a single milestone, a single moment passes where I don't wish and pray they were here to share and celebrate life with. But finally my soul has experienced some healing. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

January Goals

2016... WHAT? You know what 2016 means... I've been graduated from high school 9 years! 9 years y'all! I still feel like the 90's were only 10 years ago. Anyway, time to share my first monthly goals of the year! But first let's take a look back at December goals and how they went...

1. Go to our town Christmas Parade✓ I love our Christmas parade, especially because it is at night which makes it extra fun. Landry loved seeing the fire trucks and people watching and Daniel and I loved commentated the parade! 

2. Only eat out twice a weekIs there a half check or half x? We did better with our eating out and started the month strong. But then once holidays hit we were picking up fast food and eating it in the car while driving every which way. Hopefully now that everything has calmed down we can get back on track. I don't count this a complete fail.

3. See MIPSO in Concert✖  Didn't happen, but we did have a really great date night on that same night and that is really why I wanted to go to the concert, to do something just Daniel and I. Instead we got dressed up, went to a nice restaurant in town we hadn't been to, went and had dessert, and just meandered through some downtown stores. It was really enjoyable!

 4. Be Present✓ I really feel like I enjoyed this last month which is saying a lot for me at Christmas time. I really tried to focus on spending quality time with Landry. I also think I did well not stressing about the things that could happen at the family gatherings. And even when we had some less than stellar things happen with family, I feel like I took it in stride and didn't let it ruin the holidays.

January Goals:

1. Drink Water. The last month I swear I have been living off of coffee, hot tea, and Diet Coke. That is not good. I felt more sluggish (even with all the extra caffeine) and my body felt out of whack. Some days it would be 3pm and I would realize all I had drank was coffee. So more water! I have a 24 oz Starbucks tumbler and my goal is to drink two of them a day. I know that still isn't as much water as I should be drinking but baby steps!

2. No TV during the day. I have gotten really bad about during Landry's naps binge-watching crappy tv on Netflix. Like not even good stuff. I'm talking about binge watching way too many Food Network competition shows. Instead I would love to spend that time doing some yoga, reading a book, prepping for dinner, etc. Things that are more enjoyable doing when a little one isn't running around. The one exception will be on Friday's when I watch Grey's Anatomy from the night before because that is some good tv #ShondaRimesforever

3. Attend Mommy and Me Gymnastics. We are going to use some of Landry's money to try out for a month the local Mommy and Me Gymnastics class. Landry is a very physically active child (SO MUCH ENERGY) and with it getting colder outside I need something to help blow off some steam. Organized group activities with Landry makes me a little nervous but I think it would be good for the both of us!

4. Survive 4 days without Daniel. Daniel got a promotion (YAY!) and as a result he will be traveling to Mexico once a month for about 4 days. I am freaking out a little bit because I have NEVER stayed in our house by myself (we've lived here for 2.5 years). I've also never kept Landry overnight by myself. I know those both seem like crazy things but Daniel never goes anywhere without me! I go plenty of places on my own, but that isn't Daniel's thing. So it really will be an adjustment for me. I know we are so lucky it isn't more time he has to spend down there but I am still a little apprehensive.

What are your goals for January?