Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Landry 16 Month Update


If you could maybe stop growing up that would be cool? Don't worry, give me a couple of tantrums and I will be begging you to be 5. I know life can be a little frustrating right now, you can't communicate what you are wanting/needing. You're getting their baby girl! You are using your words more and more and using your signs which helps some with our communication barriers. You are such a sweet, vibrant little girl. People always comment how much personality you have. You are fully of energy and life! Every day is an adventure with you little one! We love you so much! 


25.5 lbs

I would guess over 33.5 inches at this point!

Clothing Size 
18M- 3T

Shoe Size 

14!! Next will be 2 year molars. I am definitely dreading it.

Can go down the stairs without holding our hand (but prefers holding our hands and so do we) Started correctly doing her puzzles
Stack blocks
Signs eat
Helps put clothes in the drier
Helps mommy stir things when cooking
Wipes down the counter
Enjoys "coloring" and playing with art supplies
Wants to CONSTANTLY read books
Will sometimes tell me when she poops

The congestion just keeps lingering. We went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago because her coughing was so bad during the night and it was disrupting her sleep. They said her lungs were clear, ears great, and throat fine. They prescribed her an anti-histamine to help with the congestion which they said was causing the coughing. It has definitely gotten better but still not great.

New Words 
Boy (Bo)
Snack (Nac)
Clementine (Tine)
More (Mo)
Joe (her stuffed Gorilla)
Blue (If you ask her what color something is it's blue, no matter what!)
This (dis)
That (dat)
Daniel aka Daniel Tiger (Da)
Beth (Daniel's mom, her grandma name is Bebe but Landry seems to be saying Beth instead)
Baaa (like a sheep)
Rawrrrr (any animal that growls)
Juice (ju)

I feel like her language is really starting to explode. There are a lot of words she will say if I ask her to but she won't just say them on her own. Granted, a lot of the words I am the only one who understands her. But I know she will get clearer in her pronunciation over time.

Sleep is getting a little better. Naps have been pretty much fine. We really are on one nap schedule unless she is up super early and fussy. Then if I can get her to go to sleep by 9am I will let her sleep an hour then wake up her. If she sleeps past an hour or past 10am she will not take an afternoon nap and she will be a little terror. Most naps are around 11:30am-12pm till 2-2:30pm.

Since we've gotten the coughing a little more under control and all her canine teeth are finally through she is sleeping through the night again which is so nice! I was going crazy with the middle of the night wakings.

She is still waking early most mornings. Some days we get till 6am and every now and then we can get her to go back to sleep and she will sleep till 7:30am-8am, but that is few and far between. We are actually going to try for a week or so limiting her nap time. I've noticed a pattern that she will sleep 12 hours at night if she has less naps during the day. I am going to limit her nap to 1.5 hours a day and no let her go past 2pm. We will see if doing this will keep her sleeping 7pm-7am.

Still 6-8ozs of milk first thing in the morning and right before bed in a straw cup. Landry has started being more interested in drinking from an open cup and she does better about not getting too much. I definitely need to offer one more at meals when we are home. Her eating has been great. We've had to reign in the snacking a little. When she snacks too much she doesn't eat her real meals as well. So I am trying to do a small snack around 9:30am and then a larger snack around 3:30pm. She's really digging pomegranate seeds right now. Beans are another favorite!

We've pretty much given up highchairs in restaurants. The meal is more enjoyable for everyone if we can sit in a booth and have her sit beside me. We asked for this booster seat for her for home for Christmas so hopefully we can start using it and be done with the high chair (she has started standing up in her high chair again). Right now we have a pub style dining room table which doesn't work well for letting Landry get into a chair herself. We are on the lookout for a new (or new to us) dining room table that is a normal height. I think it would be a lot better with her booster seat.

Favorite Toys
Learning Tower
Wheely Bug
Stuffed animals
Sand table
My makeup

She is such sweet and goofy girl. She tries to hug and kiss other kids when we are out (most are not a fan haha). Any animal she is going to be incredibly gentle and sweet with. She has also taken a huge likening to little babies so when she sees one she freaks. It is adorable.

Landry is definitely getting to the point where she is testing boundaries. Seeing if I will follow through on what I say. She had been doing really good cleaning up after herself but lately she is ignoring me when I tell her to pick up her toys. I've been having to refuse to let her move onto the next activity until she has cleaned up the last. There was resistance at first but she is finally starting to give in.

Overall she makes parenting pretty easy. She is a pretty good listener especially when we are out places. Which I am very appreciative of! She is more likely to misbehave when it is just me and her and no one else to witness haha.

Things I Want to Remember 
The way she gives me the most mischievous grin when she is doing something I've told her not to (I don't let her know but it is the cutest thing!)
The way she runs to the top of the stairs when she hears Daniel coming through the door
Landry helping me cook in the kitchen
The way she is willing to try any new food
How she runs down the hall naked
How she spins and gets super silly when she is tired before bed
How she loves pretending to drive the lawnmower

Things I am Looking Forward To
After Christmas I am most likely going to sign Landry and me up for a Mommy and Me gymnastics class which I think my little monkey will love!
We are going to start playing around with potty training some after Christmas. We asked for this potty chair and I am going to first just leave it in the bathroom for her to investigate. She seems kind of interested in the potty so I thought we could just kind of take it easy and see how to goes.
I am hoping we get snow sometime this winter and I will get to see Landry's reaction!


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