Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December Goals

December is here and I am shocked. I swear having a child speeds up time. First let's do a little recap of my November goals and how they went.

1. Go to a Christmas Tree farm✖ We had every intention of doing this. But money was little tight the weekend following Thanksgiving (and I don't believe in going before Thanksgiving) plus Landry went and spent the night with Daniel's parents. We are hoping to go this coming up weekend to get our tree and finally decorate! 

2. Get a massage✖ I didn't even get around to thinking about scheduling a massage. Daniel reminded me a couple of times to do it, but I never did. This goal might get tabled to the new year, there is just too much going on between now and the New Year. 

3. Go to the doctor✓ I proud of myself for accomplishing this goal! I hate going to the doctor but I hadn't had a physical in forever. I also had a few things I wanted to talk to the doctor about. I saw a fantastic PA that I felt super comfortable with and everything looked good. Yay for making my health a priority! 

4. Get my hair trimmed.   Never got around to it. I am so picky about who does my hair and I have yet to find someone I like in Morganton. A friend suggested someone for me to try so I would really like to try to get my hair trimmed this month.

November, you were a crazy month. I am glad I got the most important thing on my list accomplished  (going to the doctor) but the other things were just thrown to the wayside.

Onto December goals:

1. Go to our town Christmas Parade. The longer I live here in Morganton the more I fall in love with our little town. Our downtown is my absolute favorite part of the town and I look forward to our Christmas parade.

2. Only eat out only twice a week. We have been doing good the last couple of weeks about limiting our eating out. It had gotten out of control which also resulted in unhealthy eating (we eat so much healthier when I cook). I would like to really stick to only eating out/take out twice a week. Also our budget is a little tighter with the holidays (gifts and gas to get everywhere) so limited our eating out would also be good on the wallet. 

3. See MIPSO in Concert. MIPSO is a NC based bluegrass band. One of the members of the group is a Morganton native and they will be performing in concert here in Morganton at CoMMA (City of Morganton Municipal Auditorium) this month. I have listen to a few of their songs and they are really great! I have wanted to go to CoMMA to see a concert or production for awhile now and I think this would be a great date night for Daniel and I. And I would love an excuse to get a little dressed up and head out on the town. haha

4. Be Present. I really prefer tangible goals with very clear yes or no if I accomplished them. I like being able to put my little  or  mark letting me know what I achieved. So making the goal to "be present" is very different for me. I mentioned in November that this time of the year is not my favorite. I get so wrapped up in being exhausted from the running around, worrying about Landry's routine and sleep, stressing about family, and this year really grieving the loss of my Nana during the holidays. It has the potential to be a very miserable time of year for me. However, with Landry around I do not want to impart my grinch attitude onto her. There are so many good things to soak up this holiday season if I can just be present. 

What are your goals for December? 


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