Monday, December 7, 2015

Choosing to Enjoy Christmas

This picture might not mean a lot to you. But to me it is everything. 

When I was younger I hated holidays.. particularly Christmas. It was a time of year filled with bickering, who could out-do who with presents, and be shuffled around to family. 

Over the years I've slowly been able to make Christmas into what I wanted. This weekend due to some family drama I really just wanted to throw in the towel with this Christmas. I wanted to say there was no point in celebrating because people are not focusing on the true meaning. People are being childish, selfish, and all around unpleasant. This weekend I felt like I was transported right back to my childhood and some of the less than pleasant memories surrounding Christmas. 

But then I remembered my little family of three. I remembered all those other people don't matter. Because this Christmas (and every one of them here on out) I have my wonderful husband and daughter to celebrate with. We will spend time together as a family picking out the perfect tree, going to church, decorating the outside of our house, and singing Christmas songs. 

We are building memories over here. Memories and moments tied together with love and Jesus and gosh darn a little fun. 

I am choosing to enjoy Christmas. I am choosing to enjoy Christmas with my family and my extended family. And nothing and no one will steal my joy during this holiday season. 


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