Monday, December 14, 2015

Beauty Tips

Most people are surprised to find out I love beauty/hair products! I think it is because of my hippyish persona. People assume I am only using natural products (which I do incorporate into my routine). Nonetheless I love discovering new beauty/hair products! And I am practically religious about my skin care. Whenever someone compliments my skin Daniel quickly adds "she spends enough time on it, it should look good!". But what can I say, the better I take care of my skin the less makeup I need!

I thought I would share some of my beauty/hair tips with you. They are things others have taught me or I've discovered along the way on my own!

Don't spend on your shampoo and conditioner.
I personally use Soapbox Shampoo and Conditioner because they are available at Target, affordable ($5 a bottle), and for each bottle sold a month supply of water is given to a community in need. If you want to spend some money do it on your hair care products, like your leave-in conditioner, styling cream, hair oil, etc. I skimp on my shampoo and conditioner but tend to be a little more splurgy with the other stuff because that is really what determines how my hair looks. Same goes for face wash. Spend less on face wash and more on face masks/treatments. 

Start using eye cream.
I started using eye cream after I had Landry. I swear having a child aged me over night! It is never to early to give the skin around your eyes a little extra moisture. I was intimidated by all the expensive eye creams out there (and all small the containers were!) but I love Air Repair Super Hydrating Eye Cream. I bought my current tube back in July and it is still over halfway full.

Apply eye cream with your ring finger. 
The skin under your eyes is very thin and has to be treated extra gently. You don't use your ring finger as much so it is much more gentle when applying eye cream. Also rub the cream inwards instead of out so you are not pulling on the skin as much. 

Use natural chapstick. 
As much as chapstick gets applied why not avoid unnecessary, nasty chemicals. Also, if you are mom and have a little one who loves to have some chapstick after mommy puts it on you can feel safer knowing that when they inevitably lick it off it isn't as bad. Here are a few of my favorites S.W Basics Organic Chapstick, Revive Peppermint Chapstick, and Burt Bees Coconut Pear Lip Balm.

Apply products to face in upward strokes. 
When applying face wash, creams, makeup, sunscreen, etc make sure you are pulling upwards, not down. Why pull your skin down when gravity is doing it enough for you? 

Makeup free days. 
I strongly believe in having at least one day a week where you don't wear a stitch of makeup. No concealer, mascara, or even my favorite blush. Mondays are typically our day of staying around the house or just running errands so I try to avoid all makeup that day. It allows my skin to breathe! I don't wear a ton of makeup anyways but every other day I guarantee I have at least concealer and blush on.

Multi-purpose products. 
I highly recommend beauty products that can serve more than one purpose. Not only does it make traveling easier because you can grab one thing instead of two, but it also saves money and takes up less counter space. Some of my favorite multi-purpose products are the NYX Wonderstick (bronzer and highlighter), coconut oil (use it on your face, lips, hair, and as an eye makeup remover!), and theBalm Stainiac (lipstain and blush in one!) 

Use a makeup organizer. 
When I was in college I bought a makeup organizer and never looked back. It sits on your vanity and you can put all your makeup in it. No digging through your makeup bag every morning. Everything has it's own little home and sits there beautifully so you know what you have. I highly recommend if you have the space to get one! The Container Store is where I got my most recent one, but Target also has a few like this one.

What are some of your favorite beauty tips? 


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