Thursday, December 31, 2015


2015 you were a strange year, filled with many highs but many lows. It is my natural tendency to focus on the negatives. This year has been extremely difficult and an adjustment with losing my Nana. However, it is nice to look back and see that in spite of a great tragedy we did not stop living our lives. My Nana would be so pleased to hear/see all the things we did. She would have wanted us to keep on living our lives to the fullest and have fun! So below is a quick little recap (along with some links to previous posts) of our year!

  1. Started blogging
  2. Traveled to Texas for TxSC
  3. My Nana passed away
  4. Went to the beach 
  5. Finally felt at home in Morganton
  6. Started making friends in our town!
  7. Started volunteering with the Burke County Literacy Council
  8. Found a church we like!
  9. Attended the Maiedae Mixer in Rome, GA
  10. Attended the Carolina BalloonFest
  11. Went Apple Picking
  12. First family vacation
  13. Daniel got a promotion
I can't forget the endless trips to the Grind Cafe for coffee, park trips galore, so many books (children's books that is) that I can't see straight, and tons of netflix. The year was certainly full of the mundane too! 

It is nice to look at this list and see the things that we did throughout the year! I might not have lost weight like I wanted to, had as many date nights as I would have liked, or put on real clothes as much as I should, but dang did we have some fun! In between the tears, lack of sleep, long days, endless laundry, and grief there was love, family, and community.

I hope your next year is filled with just that love, family, and community!


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