Friday, November 6, 2015

Science Museum of Western Virginia & Explore More Discovery Museum

Children's museums and science centers... I can't recommend them enough! Some people think they're children are too young but trust me, they're not! They will have a blast and you will love not having to worry about what they are getting into.

Our drive to the Shenandoah Valley was close to 5 hours so we knew we would need to break up the drive up there. We stopped and had a sit down lunch, stopped at a big park, and finally we made a stop at the Science Museum of Western Virginia (SMWV) in Roanoke. 

We are members of our local science center, which means we pay $75 per year for the whole family to have unlimited visits to our science center free of charge. Also because our science center is part of the Association of Science-Technology Center's Passport Program we get in free to other science centers who are part of the program. 

 Landry did not know what to think about the catfish. Pretty sure she was confused as to why we kept calling a fish a cat. haha

 Maybe she has a future in paleontology?
She is all about buttons right now, so this was her favorite! 

 Gigantic xylophone was right up her alley!

SMWV is part of the program so we got to enjoy a little play-time/exploring there without it costing us a dime. I highly recommend joining your local science center. Our's also let's us in free to a few other places nearby that are not part of the program but they have an agreement with.

We also went one day to the Explore More Discovery Museum in Harrisonburg. It was a lot of fun for Landry, but I have to say I prefer science centers to children's museums. Science centers are so much more interesting for the whole family!

Explore More is a great little children's museum in downtown Harrisonburg. We got there right at opening (when you have a little one getting anywhere before the rush is always a good idea). They have great little play centers that are designed for a wide-array of ages.

Mini-ball pit in the toddler area was a huge hit with Landry! 

 Landry also enjoyed the "farm" area.

 Her favorite part with the real ambulance. She loved sitting in the driver's seat and mashing all the buttons!

Effective immediately, we will no longer need anyone to rotate our tires, Landry has got this! 

If you are ever taking a long trip with a child check nearby science centers and children's museums! It is well worth the stop! 


  1. Looks like you all had an awesome time! Can't wait until we take Jonathan out to do these things :D

    1. Once he starts crawling I highly recommend taking him to a children's museum!

  2. FUN times and making the pics, Brit....tks. for sharing!

  3. I love museums! Looks like the fam had a blast!


    1. Aren't museums the best? Something for everyone!


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