Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November Goals

Can we please pretend like it's not November? We are three days in and I am in major denial. The time change, the weather getting colder... ugh! I hate to be a Debbie Downer here, but the months of November-February are my LEAST favorite. I hate winter and November is just the precursor to winter.

So in an attempt to delay all that is November, let's first take a look at my October goals:

1. Schedule blog posts/social media posts for the week of 18-25✓ This was not the easiest goal, but man oh man was it worth it! I could have very easily not had any posts scheduled for the week we were on vacation but honestly I knew it would hurt my readership. But I was determined to NOT work on blog related tasks on vacation, no posts, no editing photos, and no promoting posts on social media. I am so glad I worked my butt off leading up to vacation because it really gave me the chance to disconnect while I was gone. It also has motivated me to stay a little more on top and scheduling future blog posts. 

2. Create labels for my sidebar. ✓ I did this right away. I decided my categories would be Motherhood, Style/Beauty, Life, Baby, and Adventure. My labels aren't anything fancy but it does make navigate to specific topics easier. I have also found it really makes writing my posts easier because I have zeroed in on the topics I really want to cover on my blog.

3. Go to a Corn Maze/Pumpkin Patch✓ We did it, twice! We went to Foothills Corn Maze here in Morganton (read about our little adventure here) and then while we were on vacation we went Back on the Farm which had a corn maze, pumpkin patch (we got a pumpkin), and so much more! I will have a post all about it later this week!

4. Wake up at 5:30am✖ Kind of, sort of, maybe I accomplished this but I am going to mark it as a no. Landry's sleeping has been kind of terrible. Lot's of 5-5:30am wake up days. She was sick for a week or two this month and was waking up a ton at night. Any time I could sleep in just a bit I would. If Daniel was willing to get up with her I took full advantage. So that early wake up time devoted to me time did not happen.

5. Go to the Carolina Balloon Fest✓ Yes! I know Landry will not remember a lot of this stuff we are doing with her, but it is fun to do as a family and it really helps make it part of our routine to include a little adventure in our life. That is definitely something I want to continue through the years. I would love to go in a few more years when Landry can enjoy some of the free activities for kids. Here is a recap of the Balloon Fest.

Onto November goals:

1. Go to a Christmas Tree farm. Last year was our first year getting a live tree and I loved it! I wanted to go cut down our own last year but with Landry being so little it just wasn't feasible. This year I think it would be fun for the whole family. NC friends- suggestions on where to go?

2. Get a massage. See I have a pretty sweet husband. So for our anniversary (in May) he gave me a gift certificate to get a massage (even though we agreed no presents). I have not used it yet! With November feeling me with dread and uneasiness, maybe a little pampering will help manage my anxiety levels.

3. Go to the doctor. I have several health things that have been bothering me since Landry was born but I have ignored. At first I just chalked it up to post-partum healing, but a year later I am still having the same issues. I hate going to the doctor, like haven't gone to the doctor besides for a sick visit here or there and my pregnancy in years. So I have an appointment at the end of this week with my family doctor to get a physical and discuss things that are going on.

4. Get my hair trimmed. I always have this goal in my head to get my hair trimmed every 2-3 months, but then I don't. Like sometimes I go over a year before getting my hair trimmed and then my split ends are so bad that I lose several inches. I am growing my hair out right now, but I can tell my ends are getting a little crazy and my layers need to be refreshed and I haven't gone since July. 

True life- I don't care for the major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter). Just thinking about them gives me heart palpitations and makes me want to go crawl in bed and hide under the covers. Y'all, I've tried. I really have tried to become a person that likes the holidays and I think I was almost there, until we had Landry and the demands of the holidays creeped their ugly heads. 

I'm saying all this because this time of the year my stress level is at in all time high. I constantly feel on edge and ready to snap at someone at any minute. So a lot of my goals for November are centered around self-care cause I need it! I am hoping this year to not be miserable (last year at the holidays was ROUGH).

What are your goals for November? 


  1. Glad you are going for a physical this week....important esp. if you are having some issues. I feel the very SAME way about Nov. - Feb. I also detest winter. I think you will find the holidays more enjoyable this year with Landry a bit older. I believe you will "catch" her excitement. I feel the same about Thanksgiving and Christmas but do love Easter b/c of what it represents. I realize Christmas is supposed to be the celebration of the birth of Jesus but that somehow gets lost. LOVE your posts and pls. update us about your drs' visit. Love and miss you!

  2. Good luck with your list!

    For a tree farm, we've gone to Big Ridge Tree Farm. This will be our 4th year. Lots of trees to pick from, family run, petting zoo, and tractor ride. http://www.bigridgetreefarm.com/

    1. Bummer. I just checked their website and they had to shut down due to health issues. I guess I'll be watching for an update to see if you guys find anywhere cool. Big Ridge is recommending Cornett and Deal Christmas Tree Farm though.

    2. I'll definitely let you know if we find a good place! We are planning on going the weekend after Thanksgiving to get our tree!

    3. We are looking at going to Sugar Plum Farm that same weekend. It looks like they have tons of activities.


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