Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Landry 15 Month Update

I know I said after her 1 year update I was done with monthly updates. However, it seems like Landry is developing so quickly and this is the best way for me to keep up with it! So for now I am going to continue because my little toddler is blowing my mind with everything she is learning. I can just see those little wheels a turning and her brain soaking up everything around her!


I would guess over 33.5 inches at this point!

Clothing Size
18M- 3T

Shoe Size

12 working on 2 more canines!

Can throw trash away (without being prompted!)
Knows to go to her high chair when it is time to eat
Follows commands (like picking up toys or going to find something)
Started using a fork on her own some
When finished eating will put her fork on her plate and hand you the plate
Tries to put her socks and shoes on
Can unzip her sleep sack and take it off
Pretends to feed her Lorax and put him to bed

Landry had her first official cold. Fever, congestion, coughing, etc. And it seems like she has another head cold right now minus the fever. It is probably because we are volunteering in a nursery so for the first time she is really being exposed to other kid's germs. I keep telling myself it will build her immune system! But she is so pitiful. She also threw up for the first time twice in the middle of the night. :(

Cat (sometimes, sometimes they are dogs)
Mil (Milk)
Na-na (Banana)
Ap (Apple)
Bae (baby, or she is really up on her slang)
Bye bye

We've never really pushed the sign language hard. I've been pretty casual about using it. But she's picked up several along the way. 
Girl's gotta have her coffee with all her lack of sleep (it's empty). 
If you are my friend on facebook or follow me on any form of social media you have heard my whining and complaining about Landry's sleep. It has not been the best.
She keeps waking up between 5-5:30am most days. She also has been going through a spell of fighting bedtime and us actually having to go in and rock her (we never have to do that! We lay her down awake and she self-soothes).

She is pretty consistently only sleeping 10 hours at night, usually around 7:30pm-5:30am. It seems low to me. We've tried pushing her bedtime back to make those 10 hours at a more optimal time but she usually wakes up even earlier which means less sleep.

We've also been going through a bought of night wakings which have been the worst! We were super lucky because Landry started sleeping 12 hour stretches at night at 2 months old, so her waking up now has really thrown us. When she wakes up at night there is really nothing you can do, she will most likely be awake for 2-2.5 hours. We think it has mainly been from sick and teething.

Naps have been pretty good, but a little difficult. She no longer will really take 2 naps, but when she wakes up at 5-something it makes it really hard to make it till after lunch for a nap. But if we do an early nap she is incredibly irritable by the afternoon.

Landry has 6-8ozs of milk in a straw cup first thing in the morning and then 6-8ozs of milk in a straw cup before bed. She won't drink milk with meals or any other time. Which is fine by me! She drinks water throughout the day and at meals sometimes she gets a tiny bit of apple juice mixed in.

Eating has been all over the place with teething. But overall she is a good eater and really has a well rounded diet. She is willing to try almost anything (especially if it is on mommy or daddy's plate).

Besides avocado there isn't really a food she doesn't like. She loves blueberries and bananas!

I feel like our highchairs days are slowly numbered. At restaurants she really does not like sitting in high chairs so I've started letting her sit beside me in a booth. It makes for a more enjoyable meal for everyone. She still does pretty good with her high chair at home but I feel like it is a matter of time before she will be wanting to sit at the actual table with us (which I'm fine with!).

Favorite Toys
The Lorax
Wheely Bug
Lion and Polar Bear figures
Crayons & Coloring Book

When she is well rested she's great! She's plays independently well and is such a sweetheart. She is incredibly goofy and silly which is so much fun.

Unfortunately with our sleep deficit over here things have been not as great. She has been fussy and clingy. Makes for some long days.

It's here, time to start actively parenting! Haha Discipline and setting boundaries is definitely the game right now. Landry is all about testing boundaries and giving me those mischievous grins when she is doing something she isn't suppose to.

We try to limit saying "no" and "don't" and instead redirect or tell Landry what we would like her to do or what she is allowed to do. I definitely try to make my expectations clear to Landry. People might think I am little crazy because she is so young but she understands so much more than people realize.

I also try to keep Landry busy and out of the house. She behaves better in public most of the time! It makes our days go quicker and keeps us from going stir crazy.

Things I Want to Remember 
First family vacation just the three of us.
How she spins and spins in the kitchen and falls down in a fit of giggles.
The way she kisses Daniel and me goodnight.
The love she has for her dogs.
Her first Halloween Trick-Or-Treating.
Our fun adventures to museums and science centers.


  1. Am enjoying your updates so much! You will be so glad you are keeping up with things this way because these details may become lost in the otherwise. I certainly can't recall all the things from their childhood that I would like to be able to share with my kids. Good job!

    1. Thanks Susan! I hope Landry enjoys these things one day!


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