Monday, November 30, 2015

In the Moment

We used to own a keurig. A cute red mini keurig. We used the re-fillable k-cups to be a little more environmentally friendly. Pop it in with some coffee grounds, fill with water, and run around the kitchen getting the 50 million other morning tasks done. Our mornings are always mildly hectic. Landry crying, dogs needing to go out, fix Landry breakfast, Daniel makes his lunch, change a poopy diaper, grab our coffee and gulp it down between telling the dogs not to eat Landry's breakfast.

I struggle more than Daniel at slowing down. I have also fixated on the future, I have always worried about what's next. I find myself frequently saying "have more of a sense of urgency" to Daniel. We need to do things quickly and efficiently, even when we are not on a time table. 

After 4 years our beloved little red keurig had stared acting wonky. In a fit of sleep deprived rage one morning I threw it in the trashcan and said we were done. We temporarily used a small drip coffee maker until we could figure out a permanent replacement. 

I hem and hawed over my choices for a coffee maker. Finally, I decided on the Aeropress (obviously not for it's looks). Reviews hailed it as one of the best coffee makers and friends spoke of it's wonders. I will go ahead and tell you, it makes a smooth cup of coffee. I am pretty sure you could put dirt in this thing and out would come luxurious coffee.

Of course tasty coffee is of utmost importance, but I must tell you my favorite part of the Aeropress. It forces me to be in the moment. For just a few minutes I am completely consumed with the task of making mine and Daniel's coffee.

Putting together the Aeropress.
Scooping out the exact measurement of coffee.
Bringing our water to 175ยบ.
Pouring the water into the chamber.
Slowly stirring our coffee for 10 seconds.
Letting it sit for 20 seconds.
Pressing the plunger all the way in.

And then there was coffee.

There is something oddly satisfying about not letting a machine make my coffee off on the side while I run around like a mad woman. It is a gentle reminder to be in the moment. I savor that cup of coffee a little bit more when I drink it.

Maybe, just maybe, I can spend a little less of my time multi-tasking and instead be in the moment. When I change a diaper it is not a task to rush through but a chance to tickle Landry's belly, a chance to take in her toothy grin. Instead of carrying Landry down the stairs because it is quicker, I can hold her hand as she slowly slides from one step to the next. When we are playing outside instead of checking emails or worrying about when nap time should be, I can help Landry collect the leaves.

Simple changes to your daily routine can really change your perspective...

*After reading my post I realized this might completely come off as a post sponsored by Aeropress. IT'S NOT. I bought my Aeropress myself and they did not pay or coerce me to write this. I am pretty sure they don't know I exist. I just am in love with this little device and the coffee it makes. 


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