Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Gift Guide for Toddler

* denotes the presents we are getting Landry. 


Slide With winter right around the corner I thought this slide would be perfect for having indoors (and then in the Spring outdoors) for climbing and playing on. Bonus- it folds up for easy storage!!

Melissa and Doug Cleaning Set Isn't this perfect for getting your little one excited about helping mommy clean? One of my friends has this for her little girl and it looks so nice sitting in the kitchen and it is fully functional!

Learning Tower* These things are not cheap! But I found one in excellent condition (for a steal) on Craigslist so this is going to be Landry's big gift. Learning Towers are pretty much fancy/safer step stools that are perfect for letting your little one help you in the kitchen or with other projects. Landry always wants to see what I'm doing when I am trying to cook or wash dishes so the tower will come in handy.


Herschel Supply Co Backpack Landry loves bags. She carries some of my old purses around to play with. She is also getting to the age where she wants to take her own "stuff" with her places. A backpack would be great for her to carry her things.

Babybjorn Potty Before I get heckled... yes we are going to start talking about potty training. Yes Landry will only be 17 months old at Christmas but I thought we could just have the chair sitting in the bathroom for her to start experimenting with. I wouldn't call it full blown potty training.

Aqueduct Faucet Extender* I saw this awhile ago and I just kind of dismissed it. But now I completely see how much easier it would be to wash Landry's hands if we could extend the faucet out a little bit!


Training Pants These have a little bit of padding in them so that they can soak up a little pee if there is an accident but the child can still feel the wet sensation. When we get a little further in potty training these will be a good transition between diapers and real underwear.

LL Bean Rain Pants * We love playing outdoors, even when it is raining. However, Landry loves to sit on the ground and her pants get soaked. These would go great over her pants to keep her drying when playing outdoors.

Baby Bear Shirt I just love these shirts for the whole family... don't judge me for wanting us all to match.


Potty* According to reviews this book is great for getting your child use to the idea of the potty! Any little bit helps, right?

This is Washington DC DC is my absolute favorite city to visit. I am a huge US History/Politics nerd so being in DC just makes me all sorts of excited. I love this book series and would love to share my passion for different places with Landry.

Babybug This is a magazine subscription for little ones. You get 9 issues over the course of a year. Each magazine is a cardstock material (durable!) and contains numerous short stories. It would be a cool thing to look forward to and a great way to constantly be refreshing your book selection!

What are your favorite gifts for little ones? Any recommendations for must-have items for a toddler? 


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