Monday, November 9, 2015

Gift Guide for Mom

How is it already November 9th?? And we haven't started Christmas shopping! Ahhhhh!! 

When we had Landry we decided we did not want to get out of hand with buying her presents at Christmas. First of all, Landry has tons of family who give her plenty of presents, second we want to watch our budget, and third we want to make sure presents do not become the focus of Christmas. 

I read this post by Jen Hatmaker before Landry was even a thought and loved every word (please read it!) and knew I wanted to follow the rule of Something They Want, Something They Need, Something to Wear, and Something to Read when we decided to have children. 

I also want Daniel and I to follow this rule when gifting to one another. Here is a gift guide for mom aka things I want. haha I've tried to include as many companies that give back or are small businesses in my findings! 

Something They Want

Nickle and Suede Earrings- I've seen so many people rave about this earrings and how feather-light they are! They are a great statement piece that is also baby friendly.

Better Life Bag- I've been needing a new crossbody bag something crazy and a friend (hey Virginia!) introduced me to Better Life Bags and I LOVE their business model! They are based in Detroit and they hire local women to help make these customized bags. These bags really are helping provide a better life to someone. Yes they are a little bit on the higher end price wise (hence why I haven't bought one yet), but they are making a difference and top-notch quality!

Half United Necklace- I first discovered Half United through the TOMS Marketplace. For every product sold they provide 7 meals to a child in need. Also many of their accessories are made from recycled bullet casings. Shout-out for also being a NC based business out of Wilmington!

Something They Need

Bamboo Cutting Boards- We had the same old white, plastic cutting boards from Target since we first got married. They have held up well over the last 4.5 years but they are beginning to show some wear and tear. These bamboo cutting boards would be a lovely replacement!

Nikon 35mm f/1.8G lens- I only have the lens that came with my camera. It's done quite well for me but I would like to step-up my photography game but adding this little lens to my arsenal. From what I've read it is a step above the base lens and would produce better images.

Chemex- We just bought an Aeropress which we love! However, it would be nice to have a way to make coffee in a larger quantity for when we have visitors. The Chemex is suppose to produce a great cup of coffee and it makes up to 8 cups at a time which would be perfect for us! It is also beautiful and I would love to seeing it on my counter.

Something to Wear

Mama Bear Pull-Over Since becoming at stay-at-home mom my closet has been in a constant state of being made-over. I finally ditched ill-fitting, too dressy clothes, for casual clothes that feel a little more put together than just old yoga pants and a tee. This pull-over would be perfect for layering under jackets!

TOMS boots- Everyone knows my love of TOMS, but I haven't really branched out into their different shoe offerings. I've always stuck with my classics. I LOVE these cognac ankle boots, but they are a little pricey.

Mama Tee- Graphic tees are my jam. I am all about cute, fun, age appropriate graphic tees to help jazz up an outfit or make some of my skirts a little more casual. This mama one has all kinds of sweet descriptive words about moms through out!

Something to Read 

Simplicity Parenting- I have been on a huge non-fiction kick lately with books. I haven't really read any parenting books since Landry's been born so I guess it's time to start? I like the idea of this book being focused on a simplistic life and how it leads to more happiness for children

Why Not Me?- I mean do words even need to be said? I loved Mindy's first book so naturally I need to read this one! Anyone else so happy that the Mindy Project was saved by Hulu? I AM!

When We Were On Fire- I don't remember how I stumbled across this book but I would guess it was sometime after reading Rachel Held Evan's "Searching for Sunday". The description of this book seems to be written about me so I think it would be a perfect book to read!


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