Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Gift Guide for Dad

What is it about men that make them to hard to buy for? In my case I am pretty lucky, Daniel is so easy for me to buy for! I always am seeing things and thinking "that would be great for Daniel!". I actually keep a secret wishlist on Amazon of ideas of presents for Daniel that I can pull from for different occasions.

Number one gift giving tip... make an amazon wishlist for either individual people or presents in general and add present ideas through out the year so you won't be racking your brain at the last minute. I will listen to what family and friends say they like or need and then add it to the wishlist for later. Amazon wishlist can be used to add things from other sites too which is really convenient.

Anyway, below is some ideas for the men in your life aka things for Daniel.


Big Bang Theory Season 8 Favorite tv show is always a good option for a present. I love buying sitcoms because they are the most fun to rewatch over and over again. Bonus points if it is a show you love watching too so y'all can watch it together.

Kayak Cart Men always have hobbies that require stuff to go with it. Daniel and I both love kayaking so a kayak cart would make a great addition!

Ticket To Ride Board Game Games are always fun for a variety of ages. Most people have the classics, but there are a lot of really cool new games out that are great for smaller groups and large groups.


Socks It can be hard to find XL socks for Daniel that are not athletic, so these argyle ones are perfect!  Men are also notorious for not buying themselves essentials like socks and underwear.

Watch Daniel's watch (exactly like this) broke so he needs a new one. He likes this one because it works for work and casual. Perfect in between! I love to make little notes of things that I know Daniel needs because they have worn out or broke so that I have present ideas.

Storage Cabinet Daniel's little tool knick-knacks really don't have a nice home. So something to help organize would be great!


Dad Shirt What Dad wouldn't love a shirt that proudly declares he is a dad along with cute descriptor words about dads?

Shoes A nice pair of dress shoes to replace a old worn out pair that he will not get rid of on his own!

Papa Bear Shirt Daniel always gets jealous of Landry and I's coordinating/matching outfits. So this would be perfect to go with the cub shirt I want for Landry!


Date Your Wife I usually buy Daniel a book that I want him to read, kind of like a subliminal message haha. I bought him last year a book Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters for him to read after we had Landry and this Date Your Wife book seems to be pretty perfect.

Game of Thrones Daniel loves series of books and he has heard so much about the show (but not seen it) that he has mentioned it would love to read the books!

Maze Runner Another great series to read!

What are some of your go-to Christmas present ideas for the men in your life? 


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