Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Back Home on the Farm

I feel like sharing about our vacation will never end! Hope y'all aren't getting bored. I just love to document on this old blog our family adventures so I can look back on them.

While we are in the Shenandoah Valley I found online a place in Harrisonburg called Back Home on the Farm. It is the most adorable farm that offers so much for a really affordable price. They have a corn maze, pumpkin patch, hayrides, carousel, cow train, play equipment, and animals. Plus their pumpkin whoopie pies and pumpkin fudge were out of this world! 

The pictures do not do the farm justice. It was surrounded by the beautiful mountains and the fall colors were so vibrant! When we left I told Daniel I was ready for us to buy a farm!

It was so much fun to take a hayride to the pumpkin patch and get to pick out a pumpkin! The options for pumpkins were so much better than the store and the prices were incredible. 

They had a very old carousel that the kids could ride so I hopped on with Landry for a spin. We ended up sitting in one of the benches on the ride because she wasn't crazy about the horse. 

I'm pretty sure all three of us loved the animals the most. We are an animal loving family. Landry kept yelling "dog, dog, dog" because anything with 4 legs and fur is a dog. She really loved sitting and watching the bunnies. It almost made me want a rabbit (then I remember all of mine died as a kid and they were slightly mean).

He's got skills. :)

That's right, we got to watch a pig race. Which was actually really anti-climatic and Landry preferred digging in the dirt.

It was such a fun little outing and I loved getting to embrace all things fall! If you are ever in the area I highly recommend checking it out! 


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