Monday, November 30, 2015

In the Moment

We used to own a keurig. A cute red mini keurig. We used the re-fillable k-cups to be a little more environmentally friendly. Pop it in with some coffee grounds, fill with water, and run around the kitchen getting the 50 million other morning tasks done. Our mornings are always mildly hectic. Landry crying, dogs needing to go out, fix Landry breakfast, Daniel makes his lunch, change a poopy diaper, grab our coffee and gulp it down between telling the dogs not to eat Landry's breakfast.

I struggle more than Daniel at slowing down. I have also fixated on the future, I have always worried about what's next. I find myself frequently saying "have more of a sense of urgency" to Daniel. We need to do things quickly and efficiently, even when we are not on a time table. 

After 4 years our beloved little red keurig had stared acting wonky. In a fit of sleep deprived rage one morning I threw it in the trashcan and said we were done. We temporarily used a small drip coffee maker until we could figure out a permanent replacement. 

I hem and hawed over my choices for a coffee maker. Finally, I decided on the Aeropress (obviously not for it's looks). Reviews hailed it as one of the best coffee makers and friends spoke of it's wonders. I will go ahead and tell you, it makes a smooth cup of coffee. I am pretty sure you could put dirt in this thing and out would come luxurious coffee.

Of course tasty coffee is of utmost importance, but I must tell you my favorite part of the Aeropress. It forces me to be in the moment. For just a few minutes I am completely consumed with the task of making mine and Daniel's coffee.

Putting together the Aeropress.
Scooping out the exact measurement of coffee.
Bringing our water to 175ยบ.
Pouring the water into the chamber.
Slowly stirring our coffee for 10 seconds.
Letting it sit for 20 seconds.
Pressing the plunger all the way in.

And then there was coffee.

There is something oddly satisfying about not letting a machine make my coffee off on the side while I run around like a mad woman. It is a gentle reminder to be in the moment. I savor that cup of coffee a little bit more when I drink it.

Maybe, just maybe, I can spend a little less of my time multi-tasking and instead be in the moment. When I change a diaper it is not a task to rush through but a chance to tickle Landry's belly, a chance to take in her toothy grin. Instead of carrying Landry down the stairs because it is quicker, I can hold her hand as she slowly slides from one step to the next. When we are playing outside instead of checking emails or worrying about when nap time should be, I can help Landry collect the leaves.

Simple changes to your daily routine can really change your perspective...

*After reading my post I realized this might completely come off as a post sponsored by Aeropress. IT'S NOT. I bought my Aeropress myself and they did not pay or coerce me to write this. I am pretty sure they don't know I exist. I just am in love with this little device and the coffee it makes. 

Friday, November 27, 2015

Wishlist: Comfy Cozy

*Brittany tested and approved! 
After Thanksgiving I am officially in winter mode. The trees are bare, days are shorter, and it's finally getting colder. All I want to do is cozy up in my comfiest clothes and sip ALL the warm beverages.

I have really been wanting to step up my loungewear game since becoming a stay-at-home mom. Some days when I know we don't have a lot on our agenda I prefer to stay in something comfy and easy instead of jeans. I could just wear pjs but I feel so less productive in pjs and I like being in something that if someone dropped by I would be presentable or if I needed to run out really quick I wouldn't have to change.

My Hello sweatshirt is one of my favorite sweatshirts! It is so soft and comfy and I love the buffalo plaid. Joggers have become all the rage and I love that they are a more presentable sweat pant. I know leggings as pants is a huge controversy, but sometimes you just gotta do it (as long as your butt is covered). These leggings are my favorite become they are super thick so no see-through and I love the yoga pant waist band. Also after a year of owning them they haven't faded in the wash.

In college I was all about buying packs of white men's v-neck tees to wear under sweatshirts, by themselves with scarves, etc. Well, since having a baby white is not the best color (so many stains), but this pack of grey and black v-neck tees is perfect for mixing and matching with a variety of outfits without paying a lot. This open-front cardigan would be perfect paired with the tees and leggings. Doesn't it look perfect for wrapping up in and sipping some hot chocolate?

I love my Lane Bryant bras but when hanging around the house I would love a wireless bra that is a little less structured. For the days I haven't yet gotten out of my pjs (we all have those days) I would love a lightweight robe to throw on when letting the dogs out.

Accessories are a great way to make a laid-back outfit look a little more appropriate when running errands (and added warmth). I have had this blanket scarf for a year and it is perfect for snuggly with when watching Landry play or for wearing. Moccasins are the best for throwing on with your big fuzzy socks. My Minnetonka's get tons of wear and are a perfect real shoe/slipper. I love the look of beanies for the winter time. They are functional but also cute and fun. 

What's your favorite comfy cozy items to wear?

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Gift Guide for Dad

What is it about men that make them to hard to buy for? In my case I am pretty lucky, Daniel is so easy for me to buy for! I always am seeing things and thinking "that would be great for Daniel!". I actually keep a secret wishlist on Amazon of ideas of presents for Daniel that I can pull from for different occasions.

Number one gift giving tip... make an amazon wishlist for either individual people or presents in general and add present ideas through out the year so you won't be racking your brain at the last minute. I will listen to what family and friends say they like or need and then add it to the wishlist for later. Amazon wishlist can be used to add things from other sites too which is really convenient.

Anyway, below is some ideas for the men in your life aka things for Daniel.


Big Bang Theory Season 8 Favorite tv show is always a good option for a present. I love buying sitcoms because they are the most fun to rewatch over and over again. Bonus points if it is a show you love watching too so y'all can watch it together.

Kayak Cart Men always have hobbies that require stuff to go with it. Daniel and I both love kayaking so a kayak cart would make a great addition!

Ticket To Ride Board Game Games are always fun for a variety of ages. Most people have the classics, but there are a lot of really cool new games out that are great for smaller groups and large groups.


Socks It can be hard to find XL socks for Daniel that are not athletic, so these argyle ones are perfect!  Men are also notorious for not buying themselves essentials like socks and underwear.

Watch Daniel's watch (exactly like this) broke so he needs a new one. He likes this one because it works for work and casual. Perfect in between! I love to make little notes of things that I know Daniel needs because they have worn out or broke so that I have present ideas.

Storage Cabinet Daniel's little tool knick-knacks really don't have a nice home. So something to help organize would be great!


Dad Shirt What Dad wouldn't love a shirt that proudly declares he is a dad along with cute descriptor words about dads?

Shoes A nice pair of dress shoes to replace a old worn out pair that he will not get rid of on his own!

Papa Bear Shirt Daniel always gets jealous of Landry and I's coordinating/matching outfits. So this would be perfect to go with the cub shirt I want for Landry!


Date Your Wife I usually buy Daniel a book that I want him to read, kind of like a subliminal message haha. I bought him last year a book Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters for him to read after we had Landry and this Date Your Wife book seems to be pretty perfect.

Game of Thrones Daniel loves series of books and he has heard so much about the show (but not seen it) that he has mentioned it would love to read the books!

Maze Runner Another great series to read!

What are some of your go-to Christmas present ideas for the men in your life? 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Day of Rest

I don't know about you, but I'm an all or nothing kind of person. Some weeks are filled to the brim with play-dates, volunteering, adventures, and go, go go. Other weeks I wake up and it is Thursday and we haven't left the house and we are still in pjs at 4:00pm.

Those lazy weeks, I feel guilty. I feel like I am not giving enough to Landry and that I'm lazy. However, when you go nonstop sometimes you crash and burn.

So what to do? I recently read Jamie's post on Taking a Stay at Home Style day Off. Essentially, you schedule yourself a day of rest every day. This concept of scheduling a down day completely blew my mind! So simple but something I had never really considered! I never thought to preemptively plan to have a day to rest, instead I usually wait till I am sick and run down and literally have to take a day of rest.

2 weeks ago I took my first a "day off". I gave myself permission to rock the leggings as pants, wear a messy top-knot, and not leave the house. Instead of making elaborate meals we simply had sandwiches. Instead of running to play groups, story times, or to a nearby park, we played in the yard and in the house.

It was so nice. I didn't have to worry about laundry sitting in the washing machine too long while we were gone, I didn't worry about nap-time working with what we had scheduled or planned for the day.  I was able to get some things done around the house (but without a checklist or feeling pressure to complete a certain amount of things).

Most weeks my "day of rest" is going to be on Mondays. Weekends are usually busy with us running around and doing things, so having a down day on Mondays is perfect. I am trying very hard to guard this day. No scheduling activities, play-dates, or visits from family or friends. Having Monday be my rest day really sets me up for a week of success. I feel more put together and ready to tackle everything we have going on the rest of the week.

The most liberating part for me is the decision to not leave the house on this day. Most days I feel like I need to be going and doing things with Landry so I make sure she is getting stimulation and social interaction. But it can take so much out of me (especially with my introverted tendencies) so leave the house every day and make small talk with other moms and find new ways to entertain a toddler.

Instead, I am filling our rest days with lots of reading books, cooking together, watching Daniel Tiger (GASP... TV), and unstructured play. I am taking the time while Landry naps to maybe do a little light cleaning, blogging, or watching Netflix. Pretty much our day is structured around what we feel like doing, not what we feel like we should be doing.

I give you permission to find your own day of rest and cling to it! That day might look different from mine. You might wake up and go to work but then not make any plans for after work and order take out and sit in your sweats. Or your day of rest might be going hiking or visiting with friends you rarely see. You day of rest is about what you WANT to do and what leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

What makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated? Do you have a set aside day of rest? 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What I'm For

It's been a little while since my last What I'm For post and right now with all the pain and evil in the world I think it is important for us to focus on what we are for, instead of what we are against. I've decided to make this week my first ever link up because I would love to see what fellow bloggers are for (and for those of you who don't blog, please share in the comments a few things you are for this week).

Smiling at Strangers. Maybe it's slightly creepy, I know it can definitely catch people off guard. But I really believe in smiling at people you pass in the store, on the street, etc. If you happen to make eye contact why not give a little smile. It always makes me feel better to smile at other's and to have someone smile back at me.

Day of Rest. I am for taking the time you need. Some days you need to cancel the plans you have (even if they are just plans you made in your head to do today) and focus on taking care of yourself. time to recharge and refuel is so necessary.

Having a Pet. Ok this one might not be for everyone, but I really am for having pets. I grew up with chickens, goats, dogs, cats, hamsters, turtles, rabbits, ferrets, birds, etc. It taught me so much about caring for another living creature, it taught me about death and grieving. It taught me about life in watching our goats be born and the newborn kittens being taken care of by their mom. We now have two dogs and they have taught me so much about unconditional love and having fun. They have already taught Landry how to be gentle and kind. I just get the warm fuzzies talking about them!

Taking a Drive While Listening to Music. When life get's too much or I just have too many feels taking a drive and listening to music is my ultimate therapy. I cry, I scream, I laugh, I dance, and I feel understood. When I'm done I feel a little more centered and like everything will be ok.

Link-up below to share what your for this week!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Gift Guide for Toddler

* denotes the presents we are getting Landry. 


Slide With winter right around the corner I thought this slide would be perfect for having indoors (and then in the Spring outdoors) for climbing and playing on. Bonus- it folds up for easy storage!!

Melissa and Doug Cleaning Set Isn't this perfect for getting your little one excited about helping mommy clean? One of my friends has this for her little girl and it looks so nice sitting in the kitchen and it is fully functional!

Learning Tower* These things are not cheap! But I found one in excellent condition (for a steal) on Craigslist so this is going to be Landry's big gift. Learning Towers are pretty much fancy/safer step stools that are perfect for letting your little one help you in the kitchen or with other projects. Landry always wants to see what I'm doing when I am trying to cook or wash dishes so the tower will come in handy.


Herschel Supply Co Backpack Landry loves bags. She carries some of my old purses around to play with. She is also getting to the age where she wants to take her own "stuff" with her places. A backpack would be great for her to carry her things.

Babybjorn Potty Before I get heckled... yes we are going to start talking about potty training. Yes Landry will only be 17 months old at Christmas but I thought we could just have the chair sitting in the bathroom for her to start experimenting with. I wouldn't call it full blown potty training.

Aqueduct Faucet Extender* I saw this awhile ago and I just kind of dismissed it. But now I completely see how much easier it would be to wash Landry's hands if we could extend the faucet out a little bit!


Training Pants These have a little bit of padding in them so that they can soak up a little pee if there is an accident but the child can still feel the wet sensation. When we get a little further in potty training these will be a good transition between diapers and real underwear.

LL Bean Rain Pants * We love playing outdoors, even when it is raining. However, Landry loves to sit on the ground and her pants get soaked. These would go great over her pants to keep her drying when playing outdoors.

Baby Bear Shirt I just love these shirts for the whole family... don't judge me for wanting us all to match.


Potty* According to reviews this book is great for getting your child use to the idea of the potty! Any little bit helps, right?

This is Washington DC DC is my absolute favorite city to visit. I am a huge US History/Politics nerd so being in DC just makes me all sorts of excited. I love this book series and would love to share my passion for different places with Landry.

Babybug This is a magazine subscription for little ones. You get 9 issues over the course of a year. Each magazine is a cardstock material (durable!) and contains numerous short stories. It would be a cool thing to look forward to and a great way to constantly be refreshing your book selection!

What are your favorite gifts for little ones? Any recommendations for must-have items for a toddler? 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Crazy, Messy, Beautiful

Whoah... unexpected blogging break last week. Last week was a tough one. In all honesty life has felt a little harder than normal since coming back from vacation 3 weeks ago. Landry's sleep has been all over the place which in turn means our sleep has been all over the place. Daniel has dealt with the lack of sleep pretty well, me on the other hand... not so much. Sleep is so important to my well-being, the times in my life I have struggled with depression usually have coincided with me not prioritizing my sleep. Landry and I have also both been sick in one way or another since vacation which doesn't help matters. Throw in world crises, pain and suffering of others and you have yourself a nice little breeding ground of heaviness for a person who has a tendency to feel too much.

So this week I laid a little low and tried to just survive. 6 months ago I would have said I was beginning to thrive in motherhood but God has a funny sense of humor and has decided to remind me that I don't have everything under control, that I never did. I am not the perfect parent for Landry and never will be. Instead he is teaching me that he is indeed enough (for Daniel, Landry, and I) and that he will help guide me through this crazy world of parenthood. In church yesterday the sermon discussed three types of prayers we pray "Help, Thanks, and Oh Well". Help being pretty obvious, asking God to aid us in our time of need. Thanks being praising God for what he has done and showing our gratitude. And finally oh well which is a prayer that is essentially saying nothing is going as planned but "oh well". Because life is crazy, messy, and beautiful most of our prayers are composed of all three.

The sermon really echoed how I feel about this season of our little family's life right now. There are so many good things happening in our little family, so many mind-blowing, can't believe this is happening things. Things that I can tell are only happening because of the crazy plan God has for our lives and his grace and mercy. But then, then there are things that leave us drained and isolated and feeling so alone. I guess you really do take the good with the bad and then you have the facts of life (good show!). I think that is part of growing up. Realizing you can't wait for that moment in your life where everything is perfect because it doesn't exist. There will never be a point in time where everything is going exactly as you have envisioned or happily. Even if your own family isn't dealing with trials and tribulations there will be something going on in the world at large that will weigh so heavy on your heart. Instead of dwelling on the bad and letting it be a constant dark cloud hanging over, you learn that there will be those dark days but the sun is still there. There will be those hard weeks and months and by god, maybe even years. But there will be sprinkles of happiness and joy through those times. Cling to those moments because they will be what push you to keep going on. They will be your life-raft in a wild, tumultuous ocean.

So with this week ahead, in the face of my personal struggles, our chaotic family, and the suffering in the world, I promise to not make camp in this heavy feeling. I promise to acknowledge it's existence, but to see there is hope and there are still so much good.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Landry 15 Month Update

I know I said after her 1 year update I was done with monthly updates. However, it seems like Landry is developing so quickly and this is the best way for me to keep up with it! So for now I am going to continue because my little toddler is blowing my mind with everything she is learning. I can just see those little wheels a turning and her brain soaking up everything around her!


I would guess over 33.5 inches at this point!

Clothing Size
18M- 3T

Shoe Size

12 working on 2 more canines!

Can throw trash away (without being prompted!)
Knows to go to her high chair when it is time to eat
Follows commands (like picking up toys or going to find something)
Started using a fork on her own some
When finished eating will put her fork on her plate and hand you the plate
Tries to put her socks and shoes on
Can unzip her sleep sack and take it off
Pretends to feed her Lorax and put him to bed

Landry had her first official cold. Fever, congestion, coughing, etc. And it seems like she has another head cold right now minus the fever. It is probably because we are volunteering in a nursery so for the first time she is really being exposed to other kid's germs. I keep telling myself it will build her immune system! But she is so pitiful. She also threw up for the first time twice in the middle of the night. :(

Cat (sometimes, sometimes they are dogs)
Mil (Milk)
Na-na (Banana)
Ap (Apple)
Bae (baby, or she is really up on her slang)
Bye bye

We've never really pushed the sign language hard. I've been pretty casual about using it. But she's picked up several along the way. 
Girl's gotta have her coffee with all her lack of sleep (it's empty). 
If you are my friend on facebook or follow me on any form of social media you have heard my whining and complaining about Landry's sleep. It has not been the best.
She keeps waking up between 5-5:30am most days. She also has been going through a spell of fighting bedtime and us actually having to go in and rock her (we never have to do that! We lay her down awake and she self-soothes).

She is pretty consistently only sleeping 10 hours at night, usually around 7:30pm-5:30am. It seems low to me. We've tried pushing her bedtime back to make those 10 hours at a more optimal time but she usually wakes up even earlier which means less sleep.

We've also been going through a bought of night wakings which have been the worst! We were super lucky because Landry started sleeping 12 hour stretches at night at 2 months old, so her waking up now has really thrown us. When she wakes up at night there is really nothing you can do, she will most likely be awake for 2-2.5 hours. We think it has mainly been from sick and teething.

Naps have been pretty good, but a little difficult. She no longer will really take 2 naps, but when she wakes up at 5-something it makes it really hard to make it till after lunch for a nap. But if we do an early nap she is incredibly irritable by the afternoon.

Landry has 6-8ozs of milk in a straw cup first thing in the morning and then 6-8ozs of milk in a straw cup before bed. She won't drink milk with meals or any other time. Which is fine by me! She drinks water throughout the day and at meals sometimes she gets a tiny bit of apple juice mixed in.

Eating has been all over the place with teething. But overall she is a good eater and really has a well rounded diet. She is willing to try almost anything (especially if it is on mommy or daddy's plate).

Besides avocado there isn't really a food she doesn't like. She loves blueberries and bananas!

I feel like our highchairs days are slowly numbered. At restaurants she really does not like sitting in high chairs so I've started letting her sit beside me in a booth. It makes for a more enjoyable meal for everyone. She still does pretty good with her high chair at home but I feel like it is a matter of time before she will be wanting to sit at the actual table with us (which I'm fine with!).

Favorite Toys
The Lorax
Wheely Bug
Lion and Polar Bear figures
Crayons & Coloring Book

When she is well rested she's great! She's plays independently well and is such a sweetheart. She is incredibly goofy and silly which is so much fun.

Unfortunately with our sleep deficit over here things have been not as great. She has been fussy and clingy. Makes for some long days.

It's here, time to start actively parenting! Haha Discipline and setting boundaries is definitely the game right now. Landry is all about testing boundaries and giving me those mischievous grins when she is doing something she isn't suppose to.

We try to limit saying "no" and "don't" and instead redirect or tell Landry what we would like her to do or what she is allowed to do. I definitely try to make my expectations clear to Landry. People might think I am little crazy because she is so young but she understands so much more than people realize.

I also try to keep Landry busy and out of the house. She behaves better in public most of the time! It makes our days go quicker and keeps us from going stir crazy.

Things I Want to Remember 
First family vacation just the three of us.
How she spins and spins in the kitchen and falls down in a fit of giggles.
The way she kisses Daniel and me goodnight.
The love she has for her dogs.
Her first Halloween Trick-Or-Treating.
Our fun adventures to museums and science centers.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Gift Guide for Mom

How is it already November 9th?? And we haven't started Christmas shopping! Ahhhhh!! 

When we had Landry we decided we did not want to get out of hand with buying her presents at Christmas. First of all, Landry has tons of family who give her plenty of presents, second we want to watch our budget, and third we want to make sure presents do not become the focus of Christmas. 

I read this post by Jen Hatmaker before Landry was even a thought and loved every word (please read it!) and knew I wanted to follow the rule of Something They Want, Something They Need, Something to Wear, and Something to Read when we decided to have children. 

I also want Daniel and I to follow this rule when gifting to one another. Here is a gift guide for mom aka things I want. haha I've tried to include as many companies that give back or are small businesses in my findings! 

Something They Want

Nickle and Suede Earrings- I've seen so many people rave about this earrings and how feather-light they are! They are a great statement piece that is also baby friendly.

Better Life Bag- I've been needing a new crossbody bag something crazy and a friend (hey Virginia!) introduced me to Better Life Bags and I LOVE their business model! They are based in Detroit and they hire local women to help make these customized bags. These bags really are helping provide a better life to someone. Yes they are a little bit on the higher end price wise (hence why I haven't bought one yet), but they are making a difference and top-notch quality!

Half United Necklace- I first discovered Half United through the TOMS Marketplace. For every product sold they provide 7 meals to a child in need. Also many of their accessories are made from recycled bullet casings. Shout-out for also being a NC based business out of Wilmington!

Something They Need

Bamboo Cutting Boards- We had the same old white, plastic cutting boards from Target since we first got married. They have held up well over the last 4.5 years but they are beginning to show some wear and tear. These bamboo cutting boards would be a lovely replacement!

Nikon 35mm f/1.8G lens- I only have the lens that came with my camera. It's done quite well for me but I would like to step-up my photography game but adding this little lens to my arsenal. From what I've read it is a step above the base lens and would produce better images.

Chemex- We just bought an Aeropress which we love! However, it would be nice to have a way to make coffee in a larger quantity for when we have visitors. The Chemex is suppose to produce a great cup of coffee and it makes up to 8 cups at a time which would be perfect for us! It is also beautiful and I would love to seeing it on my counter.

Something to Wear

Mama Bear Pull-Over Since becoming at stay-at-home mom my closet has been in a constant state of being made-over. I finally ditched ill-fitting, too dressy clothes, for casual clothes that feel a little more put together than just old yoga pants and a tee. This pull-over would be perfect for layering under jackets!

TOMS boots- Everyone knows my love of TOMS, but I haven't really branched out into their different shoe offerings. I've always stuck with my classics. I LOVE these cognac ankle boots, but they are a little pricey.

Mama Tee- Graphic tees are my jam. I am all about cute, fun, age appropriate graphic tees to help jazz up an outfit or make some of my skirts a little more casual. This mama one has all kinds of sweet descriptive words about moms through out!

Something to Read 

Simplicity Parenting- I have been on a huge non-fiction kick lately with books. I haven't really read any parenting books since Landry's been born so I guess it's time to start? I like the idea of this book being focused on a simplistic life and how it leads to more happiness for children

Why Not Me?- I mean do words even need to be said? I loved Mindy's first book so naturally I need to read this one! Anyone else so happy that the Mindy Project was saved by Hulu? I AM!

When We Were On Fire- I don't remember how I stumbled across this book but I would guess it was sometime after reading Rachel Held Evan's "Searching for Sunday". The description of this book seems to be written about me so I think it would be a perfect book to read!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Science Museum of Western Virginia & Explore More Discovery Museum

Children's museums and science centers... I can't recommend them enough! Some people think they're children are too young but trust me, they're not! They will have a blast and you will love not having to worry about what they are getting into.

Our drive to the Shenandoah Valley was close to 5 hours so we knew we would need to break up the drive up there. We stopped and had a sit down lunch, stopped at a big park, and finally we made a stop at the Science Museum of Western Virginia (SMWV) in Roanoke. 

We are members of our local science center, which means we pay $75 per year for the whole family to have unlimited visits to our science center free of charge. Also because our science center is part of the Association of Science-Technology Center's Passport Program we get in free to other science centers who are part of the program. 

 Landry did not know what to think about the catfish. Pretty sure she was confused as to why we kept calling a fish a cat. haha

 Maybe she has a future in paleontology?
She is all about buttons right now, so this was her favorite! 

 Gigantic xylophone was right up her alley!

SMWV is part of the program so we got to enjoy a little play-time/exploring there without it costing us a dime. I highly recommend joining your local science center. Our's also let's us in free to a few other places nearby that are not part of the program but they have an agreement with.

We also went one day to the Explore More Discovery Museum in Harrisonburg. It was a lot of fun for Landry, but I have to say I prefer science centers to children's museums. Science centers are so much more interesting for the whole family!

Explore More is a great little children's museum in downtown Harrisonburg. We got there right at opening (when you have a little one getting anywhere before the rush is always a good idea). They have great little play centers that are designed for a wide-array of ages.

Mini-ball pit in the toddler area was a huge hit with Landry! 

 Landry also enjoyed the "farm" area.

 Her favorite part with the real ambulance. She loved sitting in the driver's seat and mashing all the buttons!

Effective immediately, we will no longer need anyone to rotate our tires, Landry has got this! 

If you are ever taking a long trip with a child check nearby science centers and children's museums! It is well worth the stop!