Friday, October 30, 2015

Wonderful Web Round Up

I am trying to remember treating myself does not have to center around shopping or food. Here is a list of 23 Ways to Treat Yo' Self Without Buying Or Eating Anything.

I am wanting to get Landry a little backpack because she has been wanting to try to carry her diaper bag. A little bag to throw a couple of snacks and diapers in would be perfect for quick errand running. I am torn between the Fjallraven Kanken Mini (the expensive option, but I could carry it too!) or the Skip Hop Hedgehog Backpack (it is fun, inexpensive, but it is actually larger).

This video that shows 24 Hours of Mom Fashion in 2 Minutes hits the nail on the head! I am a master of changing outfits as the day goes on!

I love easy peasy recipes that are healthy and Landry will eat. She LOVES this Chia Pudding. I can make a big batch and fill up her reusable pouches with it for a quick and healthy snack.

"One thing I love about marriage (and I love a lot of things about marriage) is that you can have a bad day or even a bad few years, full of doubt and fights and confusion and storming out of the house. But as long as you don’t get divorced, you are no less married than couples who never have a hint of trouble..." This post just hit home so much for me. This season of our a marriage is tough one, but this just puts it into focus.

Did you see Nicole's adorable and EASY fall wreath DIY? It is so minimalistic and right up my alley! 

I had my first official diagnosis of depression when I was 13, but not until years later did I realize I also suffer from anxiety. Here's What No One Tells You About Having Both Depression and Anxiety just hits the nail on the head.

Here are some oldies but goodies from the blog archive... My New Resume, My Skin Care Routine, A Different Kind of Hard. 


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