Friday, October 16, 2015

Wish List: Made in the USA

A couple of months ago I posted about my desire to start shopping with a purpose. Meaning I want to start making sure the clothing/accessories I buy are either 1. Made in the USA  2. Ethically Made  3. Second-Hand 4. Made by a Company that Gives Back. So I decided to share a few wish lists over the next few weeks that focus on different aspects of my shopping with a purpose guidelines.

This week I am focusing on items Made in the USA. Once I started paying attention to wear my clothes were made I was shocked to find out that only about 2 percent of our clothing is made right here in the USA. It's not to say all clothing made in other countries is produced in sweatshops, but the labor standards are questionable in other countries. Also who doesn't want to support more things being made in our country?

Before I get to my wish list items let me share some of my tips for shopping Made in the USA. I was shocked all hard it was to find clothing still made in the United States. But these tricks have really helped me.

  1. Use the search function to type in "Made in the USA". You would be surprised by some of the companies that do carry a few items still made in America if you simply just search them! Forever21 actually has several pieces that are made stateside that I would have never know about if I hadn't used the search function. Same thing for Modcloth
  2. Etsy is a great resource for not only finding things made in the US.  I didn't include any etsy pieces in my wish list but here are a few shops that have pieces I am drooling over: Blue Ridge Stitches, Out of Line, and Gaia Conceptions (NC Shop!) are just a few. Etsy shops are going to be on the more expensive side because the items are typically hand-made and not pumped out in mass quanities! Also you will have to wait a little bit for your item because it is being made to order. 
  3. Nordstrom. Seriously, check out Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack to find Made in the USA clothes. They carry far more USA brands than any other department store. Their websites are great and easy to navigate. 
  4. Online Shopping. I'm not saying you can't buy American made in stores, but you are going to have to dig through the item to find the tag and see exactly where it was made. It is so much easier to shop online when looking for American made products.
I decided to split my USA wish list into basic pieces and statement pieces. I've noticed since switching to a capsule wardrobe I have really done well at stocking up on some basics but in the future I want to add one statement piece per category to liven my wardrobe up and keep things a little fun. Definitely something I will keep in mind when I work on my winter capsule wardrobe.

I also wanted to show that you can find more than just basic, "boring" pieces made in the USA. There are still fun, trendy items!

Long Cardigans
Long Rib Knit Cardigan Great basic cardigan for layering and looks perfect for wearing while cozying up by the fire!
Crochet Duster I love the boho vibe this trendy piece gives. I always go between minimalistic/boho (I know weird combo!).

Tee Shirt Dress I love teeshirt dresses, such easy pieces to layer around. Fresh Produce is a company who makes all their clothes in the USA. You have to do a little digging but you can find some really good buried treasure (and they carry plus sizes!)
Lace Trimmed Dress I have never shopped Modcloth before but since discovering that some of the pieces they carry are made in the US I am a lot more likely to make a future purchase with them. Like this adorable boho/fall inspired dress! How cute would it look with ankle boots?

Faux Suede Skirt I know a lot of people might argue a suede skirt is a statement piece but I think the tan color makes it a basic. It really could last year to year for your fall/winter wardrobe! I am just feeling some of the 70's vibes!
Polka Dot Skirt I have had my eye on this skirt on Modcloth's site for awhile. I love the fullness of it and the polka dots! Paired with a simple white tee and a cardigan it would make a kick butt look with little effort. I also think this skirt could easily be all seasons! Throw some tights on in the winter.

Grey Tee I keep wanting to try out United by Blue and I think a simple tee would be the perfect start. Not only is United by Blue made right here in the USA, they also remove 1 pound of trash from the oceans and waterways for every product sold. A company with a mission!
Peasant Blouse I do not shop at Forever21 (I question some of the companies policies and ethics) but I wanted to show a more affordable Made in the USA options. I love the pattern of this peasant top!

If you want to read a little more about why production of clothes have shipped overseas check out this article. I found it very interesting!

Is buying American made products a priority for you? Are you willing to spend a little more if you know the item was made in the US?


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