Monday, October 5, 2015

Wish List: All the Shoes

Right now I am on a shoe kick! Like I am wanting to add to my shoe collection something crazy. Besides these clogs and my birkenstocks I haven't added any shoes to my closet in a long time. I use to buy any shoes that were mildly cute and fit me, but the last several years I have slowly cut down on my shoe buying and really started buying quality pieces that will last a long time.

For a long time TOMS classics were my go-to shoes (which I still love them as my beat around shoes), but I have realized I sometimes want a more stylish shoe. They also don't work as well in the colder weather (I refuse to wear socks with them).

I am DYING to add these 4 pairs of shoes to my shoe arsenal, but sadly it is not in the budget right now. I am scouring poshmark and ebay hoping to stumble across some discounted version of these items. I am open to other brands but these shoes really represent the styles I'm wanting to add. 

I realized my black ankle boots are a little higher rise on the ankle which works well with pants but not skirts. I would love to add a pair of shorter ankle boots. I love these Dolce Vita Ankle Boots, but I am also loving these TOMS ankle boots (way more expensive though!). 

Since I am wanting to branch out of my TOMS classics, I think these TOMS high tops would be a perfect casual shoes with a little something extra. I am surprised I like the pink but it adds a nice girly flair to an otherwise more masculine shoe. I also like these vans high tops (floral is so cute!).

CLOGS! Let's talk about clogs. Like I said earlier I recently added these t-strap clogs to my wardrobe and I surprisingly love them. I was worried with the heel I would not wear them as much as I planned but they are really comfortable and just give a whole different vibe to my outfit. So I've now drank the clog kool-aid and I want a pair of slide-on slight heeled clogs. These MIA clogs are great! I can imagine pairing them with some cute rolled-up boyfriend jeans and chunky socks. I NEED THEM (if you can't tell they are the ones I want the most). 

And finally a classic pair of duck boots. My rain boots are great but they are not the most comfortable for wearing around town and my feet and legs just get so hot. The every popular bean boots are always a great option. I also like these shorter ones from Sperry

Are there any shoes you are dying to add to your wardrobe? What's your absolute favorite shoe? 


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