Thursday, October 29, 2015

Shenandoah Valley Vacation Recap

Fun fact- Daniel and I had never taken a full week vacation together since being together. Our honeymoon wasn't even a whole week because he was in a wedding the following weekend after we got married. So when Daniel's parents offered this summer to let us use some of their timeshare points to take a vacation we were ecstatic (THANK YOU AGAIN).

We had been looking forward to our vacation since we booked it in June. We stayed at Massanutten Resort outside of Harrisonburg, VA and had a 2 bedroom condo which was perfect. Landry had her own room so we didn't have to worry about being quiet after she went to bed. We also had a full kitchen and 2 full bathrooms which was nice.

I realized that holy moly we took a lot of pictures so I will share next week a couple of posts of our adventures out and about with tons of pictures. Here are primarily pictures from around the resort. I highly recommend heading to the Shenandoah Valley in mid-October. It is absolutely breath-taking and beautiful. We constantly were saying saying "Look! Look!". We couldn't get enough of the views. This vacation was the perfect combination of activities and taking it easy.

Tell me that this view doesn't just make your heart miss a beat. Trees/leaves are my love language. The way the ocean makes most people feel so small is what the mountains do to me. I could sit and gaze at them forever.

 Can we talk about how my hair is literally eclipsing my daughter? I didn't realize till later that my hair ruined an otherwise great family picture. Big hair problems for the win!

 The resort had several parks scattered through out but this one was our favorite. It was a park/arboretum and perfect. Also lot's of people brought their dogs to play which Landry was ecstatic about! She would just start yelling "Dog! Dog! Dog!" and try to chase after them.

 Daniel loved Landry finally wanting to hold his hand instead of mine. They got so much closer on vacation which actually gave this mama a little bit of a break!

 Pretty sure I am going to have to hang this picture in my office to stare at all the time. I love it!

If it's possible homegirl became even more attached to Lorax during vacation! 

 Our daughter is cooler than either one of us!

Parks are kind of our jam so we headed into Harrisonburg one evening to play at A Dream Come True Playground. It was so neat! Highly recommend checking it out if you are in the area. 

Jack Brown's Single Wide is a small version of the regular Jack Brown's right outside of the resort. They have the best burger's! We might have ate there 3 times during our vacation because we loved it so much. Daniel was obsessed with the fries and I was a little obsessed with their fried oreos. The outside seating was great for Landry (she is getting to that age where she does not sit still when eating out) and it was such a laidback atmosphere.

I got the Greg Brady Burger that had BBQ chips and macaroni and cheese on it. It was the best! 

There was 2 arcade areas at the resort so one morning we got a bunch of quarters and played games. We ended up sitting Landry in a chair with snacks and Daniel Tiger on Netflix so we could play a game of pool. Let it be known I won a game! 

Lobsta Rollin! Another great restaurant right outside the resort. We got their lobster rolls, lobster tacos, and clam chowder for dinner one night. It was amazing and we officially love lobster! They get their lobster's from Maine and they know what they are doing! They also have a food truck in Harrisonburg. 

 Hitting up our favorite park again!

I know tons of pictures!! It was just such a beautiful area we couldn't stop taking pictures. We are going back up to Massanutten with Daniel's family in June and we can't wait to go to the Water Park on site, the outdoor pools, and checking out some of the breweries in Harrisonburg. It was nice to not be too stressed about doing it all because we knew we would be going back this summer. Next week I will share a few of our outings! 

What are some of your family friendly vacation ideas? 


  1. It was fun and a little surreal to see you highlight some of the gems of my hometown! I'm glad you had fun and I'm already excited for your summer vacation.

    1. I loved Harrisonburg! We've been up there twice before but only for a night or two and we always had other things going on (weddings, grad school tours, etc) so we never got to check it out!

  2. Looks like a great time! Loved the pictures of you all and can't wait to see more.


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