Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Shenandoah Valley Recap via Instagram

I promise later this week I will do a full recap of our vacation along with some pictures taken from my DSLR. Unfortunately, since we've been home Landry has decided the perfect scheduled she followed during vacation is going to be thrown out the window and she is going to fuss and protest no longer being on vacation. You and me both baby girl. 

So for now I am going to photo dump my instagram pictures here so that I can dream we are back in our little mountain bubble with no cares or worries and a child who is happy a clam. 

On the drive up we stopped at the Science Center of Western Virginia in Roanoke, VA to let Landry play a little. 

Landry of course loved the parks at the resort! 

We don't typically let Landry watch much tv and if she does it is on our phones or iPad, but girl learned real quick how to use a remote! 

We went to the Explore More Museum in Harrisonburg, VA. It was so fun watching Landry play and check out everything! 

We decided to bring a piece of home with us on vacation. 2 growlers of beer from our local breweries. They were our treat in the evenings after Landry went to bed! 

Obviously paper towel rolls are better toys than store bought ones! 

I think Daniel and I repeated at least a hundred times "look how pretty". Picture's cannot convey how beautiful the leaves were. 

Crisp evenings on our deck with hot chocolate is definitely a good way to spend time. 

We went to the cutest farm for pumpkin picking, hay rides, pig racing, and more! We took so many pictures, I will share more later this week! 

After this vacation I am officially on a all things fall kick. Look at the beautiful pumpkins and mums. 

We spent a good portion of time outside at the resort parks and arboretum. 

Exploring some parks in Harrisonburg, VA! 

Our sweet girl eating up the blackberries while we packed to go home. 

It was a great first week vacation for our family! I can't wait to share a little more later this week.


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