Monday, October 26, 2015

Road Trip Essentials for Toddlers

Landry received this adorable lunchbox in one of her Citrus Lane monthly boxes. It has come in so handy the last year for using with her milk and snacks. I love Skip Hop's products (as you can tell, promise not sponsored I just love their stuff!), they hold up to the wear and tear of children and are adorable without being commercialized characters. We have the dog snack bags shown along with the owl ones; we use them constantly. The snack catchers are great for giving her in the car because she has finally figured out how to get her hand in and out but she can't spill anything (they do not keep snacks fresh though, so I recommend leaving the snacks in your snack bags until your child is ready to eat them).

Reusable pouches... y'all... game changer! I love the convenience of apple sauce pouches on the go but dang they can get expensive and be filled with preservatives and other stuff. We found these reusable ones and they are great! Landry loves greek yogurt so I use my immersion blender to mix in some fruit and then fill up the pouches. You can also buy a big jar of applesauce and feel them up with it! Saves money and is healthier! Also snacks were a lifesaver on the car ride!

Landry loves flipping through books and babbling to herself while she "reads". We actually leave these two books in the car all the time for her. Landry has recently gotten into stickers so I picked up a pack of dog and cat stickers from the Dollar Tree (girl is ALL about the dogs). Random kid's meal toys make great car toys especially since I keep them stashed away and she rarely gets to play with them.

Daniel and I both love our Camelbaks but we never really thought that Landry would understand the concept of biting and sucking to get the water. But one day she stole mine and downed my water so I got her a special narwhal one! She loves having the same kind of cup as mommy and daddy and it doesn't leak as much as some cups. The Melissa and Doug coloring pad was PERFECT for the car. Landry loved taking the marker in and out and putting the lid on and even coloring a little. Even better, the marker only works on the paper so no mess!

Finally let me tell you about this adorable I-Spy Bag I bought off of Eleventh Avenue. I got it for a steal and it is such high quality material! Basically it is a little bag filled with "crystals" and little trinkets (pom poms, charms, beads, etc) and on the back of the bag there is a picture of the items (covered in vinyl so little ones don't destroy it). Then the kids find the items in the picture in the bag. Of course Landry does not understand the concept of it but she loves moving around the crystals and seeing the items appear. I love that she will continue to enjoy it as she better understands the point of it.

We also took my iPad for the car ride up with some pre-downloaded tv shows as back up in case Landry got fussy. We have this iPad case that hangs from the back of the seat and matches her suitcase! But in all honesty we ended up giving her Daniel's phone to just watch Netflix because she loves Daniel Tiger and it was easier than the iPad (and I don't have Daniel Tiger on it).

Overall, the biggest help in making our road trip go smoothly was making plenty of stops on the drive up. We stopped and had a sit down lunch, found some parks along the way, and even stopped at a science center. It allowed Landry to get the wiggles and energy out and kept us from getting snippy with each other after being in the car with a toddler.

Stay tuned for a vacation recap tomorrow!

What are your road trip essentials? Essentials for toddlers? 


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