Monday, October 19, 2015

Packing for Vacation: Little Ones

Is it weird I kind of sort of love packing for vacations? I am a minimalist at heart so parring down and only having a set amount of stuff for a week is thrilling to me! I love getting to set aside all of Landry's extra toys and stuff and only take the essentials.

This week we are in the Shenandoah Valley outside of Harrisonburg, VA on vacation (and loving every minute of it!). I thought I would share our baby (I guess toddler now?) gear that we brought along for the trip!

Video Monitor Landry has her own room at the condo (insert praise hands and multiple hallelujahs) so her video monitor is a must. I honestly have no idea how parents did it before video monitors. 

High Chair Could Landry just sit in a regular chair? Probably. Would she try to escape and make meal time more difficult? Absolutely. So along comes the high chair. 

Sleep Sack She carries it around, plays with it, and naturally wears it when she sleeps. We actually have two of them and both of them are with us! 

Sound Machine White noise is a signal for Landry that it is time for sleep. It also guarantees we don't wake Landry up when we are in the living room watching tv/movies. 

Stroller We rarely use this stroller anymore (Landry prefers walking on her own most of the time), but with us being in the mountains (and the resort being very hilly) we thought it would be good to have on hand for evening strolls. 

Ergo Performance Perfect for hiking! 

Pack N Play Baby has got to sleep somewhere! 

Peg Dolls | Ball | Dump Truck | Rubber Ducky | Nesting Whales | Books | Hape Qubes | Stacker | Play Necklaces (Dollar Tree find!)

I decided to bring just a few toys (we are going to be spending most of our time exploring and enjoying the resort amenities) for downtime. I picked out some of her favorite toys that are easily transported. Her toys have a bag of their own.

We also have a little travel kit put together with some baby tylenol, her shampoo/body wash, teething tablets, her lotion, toothpaste, toothbrush and a thermometer. Of course there is also essentials like wipes, diapers, and butt cream. We cloth diaper at home but we were unsure whether we would have a washer in our condo and we didn't want to worry with it so we are using disposables while on vacation.

We also have her diaper bag stocked up with bibs, snack containers, and sippy cups (this and this one). And her adorable suitcase is filled with her clothes for the week.

What are your packing essentials when traveling with a little one? 


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