Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How Climb Out of a Funk

Y'all, I've been in a funk. Maybe it's the post-vacation blues... maybe it's Landry's apparent dislike of sleeping when she is home... maybe it is the rainy days... maybe it is the shorter days. I think it is probably a cumulation of all those things with a little dash of lack of self-care. So I decided this morning after in a fit of rage/anger/sleep deprivation/sadness I threw our on the fritz Keurig in the trashcan that I did not want my week/day to continue this way. Below is the strategies I am using to climb out of my funk, maybe they will be of some help!

1. Get Dressed. It's amazing how changing out of yoga pants and a teeshirt can completely change your worldview. This morning I put on my favorite maxi skirt, boots, and a sweater (comfy but put together) and some simple jewelry. I automatically felt less blah and downtrodden. I also put a little bit of make up on and a spritz of perfume.

2. Get Out of the House. When Landry is fussy and I am short-tempered the walls just start closing in at home. Landry's fussiness fuels my moodiness, my moodiness fuels her fussiness, and before you know it we are stuck in a vicious cycle that leaves both of us in tears. This morning soon after Daniel left, I scooped up Landry and we headed to Chick-Fil-A. We had already had breakfast (since she woke up at 5:20am), but we got a little snack, watched the older people playing Bingo, and then played in the play place.

3. Be Around People. For me when I get into one of these funks the best thing is for me to spend a little more time around others. I have a tendency to want my alone time but it is not what is best for me when I am in one of these funks. I start stewing, throwing pity parties, and becoming slightly hopeless. Everything in me wants to cancel any plans I have and be a hermit but that doesn't make anything better. So this week I have had plans with a friend and her new baby, dinner with a friend, story time at the library, etc.

4. Take a Shower. I am a night showerer (let's not get into the debate of morning showers vs night showers CAUSE NIGHT SHOWERS WILL WIN), but when I am having a rough day taking a quick hot shower can work wonders. Once I laid Landry down for her nap I hopped right into the shower. I used one of my nicer shower gels and soaked up the hot water. I felt invigorated and renewed.

5. Take a Nap. There are twenty thousands things I could be working on, but sometimes when I am in a funk the best thing I can do is take a quick little cat nap while Landry naps. I'm talking 30 minutes because any longer and I get angry that I didn't get more sleep.

6. Drink a Warm Beverage. But not coffee (unless decaf). When I am already worked up coffee (even though it is my favorite) just makes me more worked up and jittery and anxious. But I love the comforting aspect of a warm beverage so I try to have some nicer hot tea on hand (preferable decaf) or hot chocolate. This time of year is perfect some warm apple cider too! Just sitting and enjoying a warm beverage without being in a rush or simply drinking to try to get a caffeine buzz is really nice.

It is so great to keep a list like this around because I know when I am in the middle of a funk and about to set up camp and stay awhile I forget to be proactive and try to climb out of the funk. Did any of these things change my circumstances? Absolutely not. Landry still isn't sleeping great, I am still exhausted, I am still not on vacation, it is still raining. But my outlook about those circumstances has changed a little and I am a little more emotionally equipped to handle the little challenges that come up during the day (except that damn Keurig, I am done with it!).

What are some of your strategies for overcoming a funk?


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