Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Foothills Corn Maze

Daniel surprised me with a trip to this corn maze when we were dating. I remember making the 30 minute drive from our college town to Morganton (an even smaller town!). Never would I have imagined just 5 years later I would return to this corn maze with that cute redheaded boy and our 14 month old little girl. It just makes life seem so full circle.

Here are a few pictures from our original trip to Foothills Corn Maze.

Look at us! We were such babies!

Well, our visit with Landry did not go as I imagined. You think I would learn by now excursions with a little one should come with absolutely no expectations! It ended up being warmer than we expected which meant Landry was dressed a little too toasty. We also forgot the ergo/stroller so we had to carry Landry when she got tired of walking. Poor planning on our part.

We originally wanted to go to Hickory Nut Gap Farm because they have a lot more to do and it is the farm where we buy our meat. Unfortunately it is an hour drive away and between now and the end of October we really didn't know another time we would be able to make it up there. Landry's nap being so late made it impossible for us to make it up there and have any time before it closes. Instead we went to our little local corn maze with less activities. 

Landry got hot and tired and we found our way out in less than 5 minutes. I think we found some kind of cut through so attempted to get a little more lost to make it more fun. Landry than get cranky and then we struggled with finding the way out. So it goes I guess! 

It was a beautiful day overall and even though Landry got fussy it was still fun! Now we just have to find a pumpkin patch!

What are some of your favorite fall activities? 


  1. What great pics....tks. for sharing. I LOVE your blog and love YOU.


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