Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Carolina Balloon Fest

Every year in Statesville, NC there is the Carolina Balloonfest. It is a weekend with hot air balloons (duh!), music, food, and family attractions. Every day there is a balloon launch (which was pretty much what we went for), balloon rides, inflatables for kids to jump on, bands playing, wine and beer garden, and tons of fair food vendors. This was our first year going!

I will go ahead and say parking is ATROCIOUS! Friday the festival opened at 3 and we were 2 miles away at 2:55pm. The traffic was so backed up we didn't get in to park until 4:00pm. To say I was in a bad mood when we arrived would put it nicely. I was frustrated and annoyed. But likely once we started seeing the balloons take off I realized it was all worth it. It was so nice to sit in a field and let Landry run around (she had no interest in the balloons) and just watch something so incredible.

Daniel's mom came along too which was nice having an extra set of hands with Landry! Be prepared for picture overload! We took over 300 photos while we were there but I narrowed it down to my favorites. 
Landry loved her gyro! 
Don't I have the best husband?

This smile was worth a million dollars (Landry's not mine)!
Landry's preferred activity was eating snacks and running around to other people. 

Defying Gravity... get it?! 
The grand finale!
If you ever get a chance to go to a hot air balloon festival/show I highly recommend it! It really interesting and kind of majestic. I can't wait to go back in a few years when Landry is older and can enjoy the inflatables and actually watching the balloons!


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