Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Thred Up Review

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*This is not a sponsored post. I just love thredUP and wanted to share with y'all! 

I have a confession, I do not like shopping at Goodwill or most thrift shops for clothes (furniture on the other hand... LOVE). I just hate the digging through the already cramped racks of clothes to possibly find something perfect. So when I saw numerous people talking about thredUP I decided I had to give it a go. thredUP is an online consignment shop that sells women's clothes and accessories AND children's clothes. 

Above is the pieces I recently bought with my $20 credit (FREE MONEY... WHAT?) for Landry. I bought several items in larger sizes to save for later. I love GAP and Old Navy's toddler's clothes but I really do not like paying full price for clothes that Landry will only wear for a little while. Add in that I am really trying to shop with a purpose, buying second hand helps to shop more sustainably. Also the packaging is top-notch! I wish I had taken a picture when I opened my items because it was like making a purchase from a fancy boutique. 

When it comes time to work on my winter capsule wardrobe I am definitely going to be checking out thredUP for pieces to add. Here are some items I am drooling over:

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Sign up through my link to receive $20 to go towards your first purchase. Seriously, free $20!! That is what made me decide to sign up and try it and look at all the goodies I got! If you use my link I will also receive a $20 credit towards future purchases (just wanted to be honest with y'all!). 

Do y'all love shopping second hand? Have you ever tried thredUP? 


  1. I found a great deal on a sweater for my fall / winter capsule! Glad you'll get an extra $20 from my purchase, too!!

    1. I'm so glad you found something you loved! And thank you for using my referral link! I can't wait to see your sweater!!


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