Thursday, September 10, 2015

Summer Capsule Wardrobe Review

I thought I would share my most worn and least worn items from my summer capsule wardrobe and what I learned from those three months. Tomorrow I will be posting my fall capsule wardrobe! 

Most worn items:

Twill Shorts: I lived in my two pairs of twill shorts this summer. I am so glad I did not add any pants to my capsule wardrobe even though I had a couple people act like I was crazy. I just DON'T wear pants in the summer, it is too hot and constricting and I'm not comfortable. Easy pull on shorts that are a respectable length for playing with a little one are perfect. However, they look pretty rough after a lot of wear and tear so I am not sure if they will be useable next summer. I might have to invest in some higher quality shorts.

Vests: Naturally my green cargo vest was worn all the time. It is my closet work horse. I loved my other long vest too. Perfect way to make a plain outfit a little more stylish. 

Knit Skirts: These knit skirts were great for pairing with my v-neck tees and giving me an alternative to shorts. Again, respectable length for playing with Landry. Fun fact: I've had my black knit skirt since my sophomore year of college- 7 years and still going strong! 

V-Neck Tees: A while ago I mentioned how v-neck tees were just not working with having Landry because of her pulling them down. I was really worried I might have to end my love affair with my Old Navy v-neck tees (I haven't bought any new ones since starting shopping with a purpose, but I still love them!). Luckily now that Landry is walking and doesn't have to constantly be carried places my v-necks are working very well. I wore them a ton this summer. 

Striped Tee: When I bought this tee I didn't know how much I would love it. But dang this shirt is the perfect weight and gives that casually chic vibe to an outfit. It is loose fitting and perfect. 

Dresses: That striped dress is me in a dress. Muted colors, simple pattern, casual, and pairs well with my cargo vest. Honestly I feel like all my dresses got a good amount of wear. 

Sandals: I really shouldn't have included any shoes in my summer capsule wardrobe besides my black Birkenstocks and tan Saltwater Sandals because I seriously lived in them. I would wear my toms once a week at most but usually go straight for the sandals. They are so easy and perfect for summertime. I am still on a high 3 months later from my incredible score from Poshmark with my Birkenstocks. Best purchase I've made in a very long time! The tan fake birkenstocks I had are going to be donated because once I started wearing the real thing I just couldn't go back, the real one are so much more comfortable and molded to my foot!

Least worn items:

D'orsay flats: I love these shoes, ridiculously comfortable and automatically make every outfit look a little more chic. I wore them like crazy last fall and early winter! But here's the thing, summertime I am just not trying to be chic. I am all about comfort and easiness. These shoes just weren't a fit for the time of year. Lesson learned.

Yellow Shirt: I didn't wear this shirt once. I added it to my capsule wardrobe to incorporate some color but to be honest it is ill-fitting and looks cheaply made. It is in my donate pile.

Denim Shirt: I wanted to love this shirt. I had searched for a cute short-sleeved denim shirt and when I found this one of clearance I immediately snatched it up. Unfortunately the clearance price kept me from noticing how poor of a fit it was. Way too loose up top and through the shoulders for me. I am selling it on poshmark because it's only been wore once but didn't work for me!

Floral Skirt: I wore this once while we were at the beach. It's a cute enough skirt and really comfy (did I mention pockets?) but honestly the pattern and colors just aren't very me. I've had this skirt for years and at one time it probably did fit with my style, but now it really doesn't. I will most likely sell it.

Polka Dot Skirt: I should have trusted my instincts with this skirt after my mini-capsule. I said it was too short back then but for some reason I added it. I love polka dots and I love the ease of this skirt but it is just too short for me to be comfortable playing with Landry. I will most likely sell it. I didn't even wear it once this go round.

Overall I am happy with my summer capsule wardrobe. Most of the pieces that weren't worn were actually old pieces that I feel like no longer really are my style. I definitely can sense the shift in my style since having Landry. Before Landry I think I wore more trendy, "fun" styles of clothes. People would comment about how I dressed different or "strange" but now I feel like I am much more simple with my style aesthetic. I still want to look fashionable and put together but I am not putting crazy combinations, colors, and layering like crazy. I really appreciate a more minimalistic approach to fashion now. I just don't have the time or energy to put into complex outfits. I love the look of them but it is not practical for me right now. I want good, quality clothing that has a more timeless look. Maybe that's part of growing up?

I also realized I didn't post a ton of outfit pictures these last few months. Honestly, it's because I didn't really feel like a lot of my outfits were worthy of posting. I kept it very simple this summer. We were constantly running around and going places and comfort (along with not having a heat stroke) were top priority which meant a whole lot of non-blog worthy outfits. This summer was ridiculously hot so by July I was done trying to look cute and would just through on a tee and shorts most days.

Here are my two favorite outfits that I posted:

Both of these outfits just felt the most "me" out of everything I wore. Simplistic with a little bit of a twist. Comfortable and easy!

Stay tuned for my fall capsule wardrobe! It will be posted tomorrow morning! And just a fair warning, it has a lot more clothes than my summer one!

Have you tried capsule wardrobes? How would you describe your style? 


  1. I don't do a capsule wardrobe, but my wardrobe is very minimal. I lived out of suitcases for my first 3 years out of college, so that meant I pared down my clothes a LOT.

    I love the two outfits you shared. Very comfortable but still cute!

    1. Paring down really does help! Sometimes less choices sparks more creativity. And thank you!


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