Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My Weight Loss (and Gain) Journey

Left- Fall 2013 Center- Summer 2014 (right before Landry born) Right- Now
I weigh the most I've ever weighed (minus pregnancy). That is such a tough sentence to say because (as I've mentioned before) prior to pregnancy I lost nearly 40 lbs and was feeling great! I didn't do any crazy fad diets or anything. I simply was eating more vegetables and fruit and cooking my own food and enjoying tennis and kayaking and hiking. I gained more weight than I hoped to during my pregnancy, but before returning to work from my maternity leave I only had 20 more pounds to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Unfortunately after returning to work and sitting all the time (I was a receptionist at a doctor's office) and receiving tons of free food from pharmaceutical reps I had gained 10 pounds in a month.

After a month I decided to stay home with Landry and assumed with all my free time as a stay-at-home mom I would be cooking deliciously healthy meals and working out during Landry's naps. Well, Landry didn't nap great at first and I was stressed and exhausted so we got take out way more than we should have. And naturally I did not work out. Daniel and I decided to try Whole30 to get ourselves back on track. Well that did not last long because it stressed me out way too much to have to make every single thing from scratch to make sure things were compliant. It also meant I was cooking 3 meals a day for both Daniel and I which was just overwhelming. Add that I am also just not a huge meat eater so it really limited what I could eat.

I decided to start using MyFitnessPal and doing Blogilates (great program, highly recommend). Well, calorie counting really takes the enjoyment out of eating. I enjoyed the Blogilates but I did not make it a priority once life got busier. I've slowly gained the weight back and have ended up weighing more than I ever have.

I am not happy with my weight. Not simply because I miss being able to feel good in my clothes, but I can also tell my health is suffering. I've always had very low blood pressure (usually 90s/50s) but lately it has been around 120/80. I also have noticed an increase in my headaches/migraines along with feeling sick to my stomach more often. When I eat healthier foods I feel better, when I am physically active I feel better.

I could blame so many things on my weight gain. Pregnancy, becoming a stay-at-home mom, depression, my Nana passing away, seeking comfort in food, etc. But what it comes down to is I am not making my health a priority. I am finding any excuse under the sun to take the easy way out.

Nicole over at Writes Like A Girl recently wrote about her journey with intuitive eating. She gave such a great perspective of changing your views on food and how in return it will change how you eat. Instead of following a diet focus on what your body really is wanting you to eat and focus on your hunger cues. I've also been following along with Refinery29's Anti-Diet Series. I highly suggest reading some of the articles.

So I am not setting a weight loss goal. I am not giving up bread or ice cream or beer. I am not committing to wake up at 5:30am every day and try to do run around my neighborhood. I am committing to take the time to make myself delicious food that makes me feel full and nourished. I am committing to follow my body's cues on when it is hungry and when it is full. I am committing to no longer view physical activity as something that must be done to burn off the calories from the cupcake I had. I am committing to getting active because I enjoy having a strong body that will be able to keep up with my daughter. I do commit to keeping y'all updated on this journey I am going on.

Join me in listening to our bodies and learning to love ourselves where we are but also making our health a priority and taking care of ourselves.


  1. Love this! Intuitive eating is wonderful and I've been practicing it for years...minus college! :)

    1. Thanks Rachel! I am really excited about ditching all my preconceived notions about food and it being bad/good and really getting in touch with what my body needs. That is really why diets do not work, each individual's needs are so different and diverse!

  2. Oh, I love this post, Brittany! What a great message to put out into the world! Best of luck with your new journey!

    Chelcey | www.chelceytate.com


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