Monday, September 21, 2015

Life Lately

Life has been going a million miles an hour lately! I feel like I spent the majority of the first year of Landry's life wondering when time would speed up some, especially last winter. The days were so long with a newborn/infant. But now with a toddler? The days just seem to FLY by. Can you please tell me how it is already the end of September?? When did that happen?!?

We started volunteering at our local literacy council in the childcare while the mom's are working on learning english. Landry and I are volunteering on the 2 and under room. It is absolutely exhausting, most of these children have not been away from their moms so when they are left they SCREAM and cry for the entire 2 hours. I am hoping over time they become a little more used to the routine and don't get as upset. Most of the time you can find me carrying around 3 sniffling toddlers but when they rest their head on my chest or won't let anyone else hold them it just breaks my heart. It is exhausting be rewarding and the moms are so appreciative. Plus Landry loves getting to play with all the new toys and make some new little friends (and always tries to steal their snacks). 

Landry recently discovered that rainstorms are fantastic! We've been throwing our rain jackets on a playing around in the rain and dancing in the puddles while it is still warm out. When I was a kid (and even now) something about rain and standing in it was so relaxing (probably because I'm a water sign, right?).

How is my 13.5 month old tall enough to reach door handles?? Please someone stop this girl from growing. We are slowly transitioning into 2t clothes! It's crazy but the older she gets I swear the cuter the clothing options are. And I am so excited about fall and all the fun layering!

We've been visiting a local Episcopal church for the last 4 weeks and I'm really enjoying it. I am considering doing a whole post on my thoughts and feeling thus far. Since getting back into church it's made me try to reexamine my relationship with God. I am slowly but thoughtfully working my way through Heather Caliri's "Unquiet Time". It's like the "Wreck This Journal" of quiet times. Instead of being a devotional it really makes you think about the time you spend with your Bible. It's small, but powerful and really interactive which I enjoy. Perfect for doing in the park while Landry is playing.

While on the subject of park... have you ever seen a cuter kid at the park? This denim vest from GAP is everything! I need one so we can match (I'm completely serious). We pretty much live at the park these days. We spend most mornings at the park until lunch and Landry never gets tired of it. I would much rather spend the day outdoors than cooped up in the house and now that the weather is pleasant we are going to do just that. 

Every time I look at this picture I am blown away but how Landry's grown! She's starting to lose some of that baby fat and her precious leg rolls are slowly disappearing. And how in the world is she grown up enough to eat an apple of her own? I had been starting them for her but yesterday my mother-in-law gave her one without starting it and Landry did fine. I know it is silly but it kind of breaks my heart. One thing she doesn't need from me. One day she is going to go off on her own and not need me to wipe her butt, start her apple, put her shoes on her, or fix her a meal. I CAN'T EVEN!

If you read my post over the weekend on Sarah's blog Raising Miles you might have seen where I said the biggest surprise of having a baby is how much it changes your marriage. Well Daniel and I are really trying to make more of an effort to bring a little more adventure and fun into our marriage so we decided to camp Saturday night... in our backyard. We set up our tent, got our sleeping bags, table, fire, beer, and cards and made a night of it. Landry got to sleep in her nice comfy bed while we had a drop cord coming out to our tent with her monitor plugged up. Whatever works, right?

We love playing cards (WE NEED FRIENDS NEARBY FOR SPADES). We ended up playing redneck poker and gin rummy over a few beers. It was so nice to put away electronics and just laugh together. Daniel spoke in a British accent for most of the night and for once I didn't tell him to stop. I let my hair down and was a little more easy going and fun. However, the next morning Daniel and I both said we are adding sleeping on the ground when our bed is only 100 ft away is being added to our Murdock List (How I Met Your Mother, anyone?). We were both so sore and not well rested. But it was still fun and I think more game nights outside is in our new future.

Sorry for the word and picture vomit. What have y'all been up to lately? What's on your Murdock List? 


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